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Super Styles for this coming Autumn and Winter Months 


21st Oct 2020 Fashion & Beauty

Super Styles for this coming Autumn and Winter Months 

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are starting to turn brown and there is chill in the air once more. It won’t be long before we’re wrapping ourselves up in scarfs, hats, warm jackets, and winter footwear. But what’s trending this autumn/ winter season Let’s explore the top fashion picks for cold weather in 2020 :

1. For Brown Faux Leather Coats

It might be cold outside, but if you’re rocking a brown faux leather coat this winter you’ll be warm on the inside. This coat is a classic that continues to be in style in 2020. Wear it with black, grey, or dark blue. 

2. Baggy Trousers Tucked In

Take a pair of straight legged trousers and tuck them into whatever comfy, warm winter wear you’ve got on your feet. This unique look is trendy and just a little bit punky. Try different combinations of trousers and footwear to find the mix that exemplifies your style best. 

For some amazing footwear then you  can wear some clean luxury solid for the cold weather trainers from Larizia. They  are highly fashionable and desirable shoes from one of the top fashion houses in the world.  They look clean and very distinctive with classic Alexander McQueen signature style seen all the way through. They come in some different finishes and added detailing to make them the perfect  trainer for the Autumn season. See these lush versions some including the incredible “Black Velvet” option.  Great  for Baggy Trousers.

3. Combine Blue with Natural Tones

A colour combination that is very, very ‘in’ right now is a mix of natural tones with a touch of something blue. This enchanting combination can be expressed through the most simple clothes, such as a brown knitted sweater with blue straight leg trousers and brown footwear. Be sure to focus on the natural tones and then add just a twist of blue to your outfit. 

4. Slouch Boots 

This 80’s throwback slouch boot is always popular during the winter months. They come in an array of heights and prints, but this year the lighter colours are in. Combine cream-coloured or off-white slouch boots with almost any outfit. Wear a black blazer to make them stand out, or to make them fit in, try a white t-shirt and button up overcoat.

5. Cold Weather Leather 

Alongside brown leather coats, loose leather (or fake leather) jeans and baggy black leather jackets are also trending this season. Not to mention leather dress suits, skirts, pants, and button down shirts. Cold weather leather is perfect for layering on top of leggings or turtle neck sweaters, offering an extra layer of warmth to get you through the day.

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