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Stunning Designer Bags Have Arrived for The Autumn & Winter Season

Designer bags from Valentino Garavani.

Looking to elevate your look for the Autumn and Winter seasons? Then a beautiful women’s designer bag is the way to go. Remember, your handbag should be the cornerstone of your fashion wardrobe. Whatever outfit you wear, your bag is the one item you’ll complete your look with. Great bags and designer purses really stand the rest of time. And with the right bag, not only will you always look amazing, but will do so for years to come.

This year, look no further than the stunning new arrivals from Valentino Garavani accessories. Read on as we delve into some of these iconic products.

Valentino Garavani Le Troisième Toile Iconographe Bag

This new addition to the designer’s wonderful collection comes in two stylish seasonal colours: natural & black and natural & red. With a simple glance you can see why it turns heads and makes faces green with envy.  

The women’s designer bag comes with a removable shoulder strap for extra convenience when out and about.

You’re getting two bags in one – an iconic shopping bag and super chic handbag. 

It’s made in Italy (of course) and comes with Toile Iconographe lining, making the bag stunning both inside and out. No matter who you are, everywhere you go will be a fashion runway when the Valentino Garavani Le Troisième Toile Iconographe shopping bag is by your side.

Valentino Garavani Le Petit Deuxième Toile Iconographe bag

Next, we have the Valentino Garavani Le Petit Deuxième Toile Iconographe bag. Again, available in two beautiful variants: natural & black and natural & red.

For a small bag, it definitely packs a punch. The stylistic shape and renowned VLogo capture everything the brand is all about. What’s more, the bag has a detachable leather shoulder strap for extra personalisation and convenience.

If this has caught your eye, what’s stopping you from calling the bag your own? When you do, you’ll have this iconic and timeless designer bag forevermore.

Valentino Garavani Le Cinquième Toile Iconographe Bucket Bag

The Valentino Toile Iconographe design encased in a goatskin shell is a sparkling sight. And this new addition to Valentino Garavani collection is certainly turning heads.

Those that have already decided to take the plunge and pick up one of these exotic bags have described it as “mesmerising from every angle”. Exactly what you want to hear!

With an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap and lightweight, it’s the ultimate in portable style.

It goes without saying, the bag is made in Italy. Would you have guessed any differently?

And that's a wrap.

Valentino Garavani has truly raised the bar with their new designer bags for women this season. Keep an eye out for them when you’re out in public to see them up close, head online or visit a shop in person. Whether you’re buying a Holiday present for a loved one, or simply boosting your well-being with a spot of seasonal self-gifting, a Valentino Garavani bag is truly a gift for the ages!

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