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Specs and sunglasses, how to make it work


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

Specs and sunglasses, how to make it work

Need both prescription glasses and sunglasses? Here’s how to make it work for you.

We wait all year for summer to come along so that we can throw off our winter coats and bulky clothing and get some sun on our skin. For people who need to wear glasses every day, though, summer can bring with it a whole host of other problems. It can be almost impossible to work out what to do when you need to wear both sunglasses and spectacles at the same time. If you are a driver, then you need to be able to see with your glasses, but at the same time need to stop the sun from getting into your eyes. Trying to switch between the two while you are on the road, or even if you are just walking around, can be hugely frustrating. Here are some ways to make your specs and sunglasses work together.

Prescription sunglasses

This is probably the easiest way for you to make your need for prescription lenses work when the sun is out. As long as you have a pair of prescription sunglasses wherever you go then - should you be hit with a brighter day or a burst of sun - you only need to slip your sunglasses on and you get the best of both worlds. Just remember to take your regular glasses out with you as well for when the sun goes down. You wouldn't want to find yourself stranded and unable to drive safely home!

Transition lenses

These have a reputation for being something only the old and unfashionable would choose to wear. Older versions of transitions lenses have a habit of darkening up at the mere mention of sunshine, meaning that you can end up 'doing a Bono' and look like you're wearing sunglasses inside. Not a good look when you're in the pub or the office! However, if you are going to go for transition lenses then you should be choosing the very best, so that you know they'll last and look great. Newer, better quality lenses also have a nicer style so that they don’t look unfashionable. Just see your optician to ask more about transition lenses and how you can make them work with your personal style.

Wear contacts on brighter days

This option is not suitable for everyone; some people don’t like contact lenses, whilst others simply can’t wear them. If you're among the lucky ones who can pull contacts off, you may find it much easier to wear them when the days get brighter. This way, you only need to carry a single pair of sunglasses with you - once you get indoors, or the clouds start to appear, you can throw these to one side and get on with your day without worrying about juggling your eyewear! Wearing contacts when it is bright is also a good way for you to build up your tolerance.