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Rocks and Gems: The Meaning Behind Stones


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

Rocks and Gems: The Meaning Behind Stones

Rocks and gems have been used as part of traditional healing methods across many cultures for centuries. They come from the earth and the beliefs surrounding their powers stem from a time when much weight was given to the power and influence of the earth and Mother Nature.

Here is a selection of the most commonly known stones and what they are believed to mean.


There are many different types of agate, but they all are believed to offer protection of some sort or another, bestowing strength on the bearer and warding off stress and nightmares. Agate is also believed to inspire and draw out latent talent.


Amethyst is a purple gemstone that has calming properties and brings about a sense of clarity. It is also believed to aid willpower and so is favoured by people seeking to rid themselves of addiction.


This pale blue-green stone promotes tranquil thoughts and is used to alleviate anxiety. It has also been traditionally used to prevent travel sickness, especially seasickness.

Blue topaz

A striking blue stone, blue topaz is said to help people to think more clearly (in their studies, for instance). It also encourages positive traits such as loyalty and fidelity.


The bright yellow of citrine is said to calm restlessness and impatience, to bestow positive thoughts and promote wealth and trade. It is often known as the 'merchants' stone' for this reason.


This stone is believed to improve fertility. It is also used to aid depression and insomnia.


A deep red stone is perhaps unsurprisingly the gemstone that is said to promote passion - a passion for life, friends, family and oneself. It stimulates vitality and the senses.


This stone comes in many varying shades, all of which are believed to ease anxiety and calm the senses. It is also believed to bring good luck and traditionally it was thought to boost crop growing.

Lapis lazuli

A beautiful blue stone often used in jewellery for its depth of colour, Lapis lazuli is thought to bring wisdom, truth and strong friendships to the wearer.


The moonstone comes in many different colours and is used to allow the bearer to communicate effectively. It is also believed to have links to psychic powers and wish fulfilment. 


Opals are linked closely with passion and love, inspiring imagination and peaceful dreams.


This pale green gemstone is believed to aid prosperity and to help to improve relationships by reducing jealousy. It is also said to reduce anxiety and depression. 

Rose quartz

This is a pale pink gemstone that inspires calmness and peacefulness within relationships. It has been used to calm the waters after arguments and to aid emotional healing.


A protective stone, ruby encourages love and friendship whilst warding off bad luck and poor health.


Another deep blue stone, sapphire encourages happiness and was once used to see into the future.


A pale blue gem that is used to improve temperament and instil the bearer with confidence. This is another stone that is used to promote good mental health by reducing depression, anxiety and exhaustion.


This is the stone that will help the bearer in all matters concerning money and the heart.