Reasons to shop: Supermarket fashion

Jenessa Williams 

When planning a new season wardrobe overhaul, we so often turn straight to a Saturday on the high street or an evening spent clicking through online stores. But what about picking up a new frock alongside your weekly fruit and veg? Here are the reasons why we’re hitting those illuminated aisles…

They’re convenient

F&F at Tesco
All above, F&F at Tesco

How many times a month do you visit the supermarket? Chances are it's more often than you have the luxury of visiting the shopping centre. 

Many supermarkets are open 24 hours a day—so swap the late night online search for a trip to the shops and you’ll benefit from the "real life" experience of seeing clothes firsthand, at your own convenience.


It’s affordable

For staple basics to more fashion-led pieces, supermarkets are leading the charge for budget fashion that doesn’t look cheap.

With the average dress coming in at under £20 and undergarments and plain tees for less than a fiver, they’re a great option for kitting out the whole family.

Sales and special offers occur year-round, and if you’re the sort who saves up their Nectar and Clubcard points, you could be in for a guilt-free treat just from buying groceries.

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They’re more on-trend that you think

george at ASDA
All above, George at ASDA

Speaking of points and vouchers, all of your shopping habits feed into algorithms that help inform supermarkets of their ideal target customer.

With a database larger than the average high street store, shops like ASDA, Waitrose and Tesco are able to cater to the markets and predict trends in a lot more areas than just food supply.

Boasting a collaboration with style guru Gok Wan, the "new in" section of Sainsbury’s TU is currently featuring an array of off-shoulder dresses, espadrilles and tropical florals—all key spring/summer trends.


They fit well

We all know the feeling of searching for a holiday look and feeling despair over too-short shorts and garish slogan tees that we feel too old to wear.

Here’s where supermarket fashion really comes into its own. While you may still have to wade through the odd tasteless piece, fits and lengths often come with a little more modesty in mind.

Fabrics are often highly practical too—think plenty of 100% cotton that can be thrown into the washing machine without thought.

The midi skirt and culottes trends are being well catered for at Tesco’s Florence&Fred, and stylish swimsuits are in at George for ASDA, providing fashionable styles that won’t leave you tugging at your hemline.

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They’re often overlooked, which means originality!

Tu at Sainsburys
All above, TU at Sainsbury's

Due to their affordability, shoppers often turn their noses at supermarket outfits. But due to said stores quick and high-quantity stock turnaround, you’ll find relatively little competition when hunting out your next wardrobe addition, helping you to put together an outfit that feels unique.

Be quick though: we wouldn’t want the secret to get out…


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Feature image via George at ASDA