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Reasons to shop: Capsule wardrobes

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Reasons to shop: Capsule wardrobes
With research showing that the average woman only wears 20 per cent of her wardrobe, it appears we're hoarding more clothing than ever. Wouldn’t it be a relief to step off the eternal treadmill of trends and fashion-forwardness? 
Let’s take a step back and look at capsule wardrobing—all the reasons why you can thrive in your own personal style by pruning things back to under 30 items. 

Carve out a signature style

Contrary to popular belief, having a signature style doesn’t have to come from a huge wealth of resources. There’s a reason that all of our favourite television characters rarely change clothes—by selecting your coveted pieces carefully and thinking about what you really feel amazing in, you will find that your personality will shine through much more easily than trying to keep up with all the latest trends.
Whether you’re looking to curate a professional image for work or envy those who manage to look ‘put together’ with minimal effort, unload your closet and make piles of colours, fabric, and shapes that really speak to you. Put the rest in storage to experiment—you’ll be surprised at how little you miss them.

Everything matches

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We’ve all been the woman standing around a pile of clothing while despairing that we have nothing to wear. Make things easier on yourself—less wardrobe clutter means fewer decisions.
When compiling your capsule wardrobe, consider a new hanging system that puts specific outfits together on one hanger, and don’t overlook those hero items that pull an outfit together with minimal thought—a well-cut jacket, flattering pair of jeans, a comfy shoe…whatever your lifestyle most requires.
Everybody’s capsule wardrobe is different, so don’t be too swayed by the advice of "must have" items. Instead, focus on pieces that make you feel great—this is about minimizing your possessions, not your personality.


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Capsule wardrobing revolves around the notion that we could all help the environment (and our purses) by buying "less but better." Next time you’ve faced by that 70 per cent off dress, ask yourself if you really need it—chances are you already have something similar that isn’t getting the love it deserves.
Consider making a list on your phone of items that there truly is a gap in your wardrobe for. This can be your reference guide when you’re out shopping. Where budget allows, seek out those higher quality items made from sustainable fabric—the price tag may be higher but there is far less chance that you’ll be needing to replace them next season.
If nothing in your current wardrobe is inspiring you, it’s okay to start over—a Pinterest board or perusal of online stores may help you find your excitement again.

A clearer mind

"Tidy house, tidy mind" is really more than just a saying. When your closet (and indeed your home) is clear and you know exactly what you own and where it can make it much easier to feel settled and content.
Capsule wardrobing doesn’t happen overnight. Time and effort need to be taken to ensure you are keeping pieces that work well for your personality and lifestyle.
If you truly can’t bear to part with items or feel that you get bored easily, consider storage options or change your capsule seasonally. When you do feel you are ready to part with something, donate it to a worthy cause or a grateful friend—clothing swaps can be an ideal way to explore new styles without the commitment.

Higher appreciation

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The very process of capsuling really helps you appreciate what you already have. With less buyers regret hanging over your head, you can enjoy compiling outfits built up from pieces you already own and care for them with more attention than you may have previously.
The buzz of shopping can be a difficult one to give up, so look to find gratification in other pursuits—save up your shopping money for a holiday or a high-quality clothing splurge, or simply put it away for a rainy day. You’ll be surprised at how quickly those pennies bank up…