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Over 40’s fashion bloggers you need to follow

Over 40’s fashion bloggers you need to follow

Whether it’s sharing their outfit of the day, following their day on Instagram stories or sharing sale information on Twitter, here are some of our favourite women showing style has no age limit. 

As the style community grows and social media influencers begin to command the sort of sponsorship fees we used to expect from high-profile celebrity endorsements, there is no denying that through hard work and business savvy, fashion blogging is forming a viable media career.

Despite what we see dominating billboards and scoring lucrative TV ads, fashion blogging doesn’t have to be the domain of the millennial generation. Style is eternal, and there are a whole community of fashion bloggers who fit into the over-40 category, offering up a refreshing alternative. 


The LIFB Issue


Well-travelled Kirsten came to settle in the UK after spells living in Egypt, Sweden and Germany. Falling in love with lifestyles, interiors, fashion and the British way of life, LIFB Issue was born, a place for her to share her passion for all things quaint and country-filed.

For those looking to try pastels and pretty prints this summer, her styling provides the perfect inspiration—playful but still adult-appropriate, it blends perfectly with her adventures across the British Isles. 


Fashion on the 4th Floor


Growing up as an athlete, fashion was something that Dianne barely considered until she hit her late thirties.

Now having reached the "fourth floor" of life, her sense of colour and pattern is admirable, wearing forward-thinking pieces in fun combinations to tap into modern trends.

Use her looks as a crib sheet for experimenting with colour—a strong base under a more patterned piece is a FashionOnThe4thFloor staple that everybody can adopt.


Fake Fabulous


Describing herself as a "colour lover and shoe hoarder", Scottish blogger Sam sure knows how to dress for our changeable climates.

Blending classic designer cuts with more trend-led pieces, her voice is one you can trust when looking for purchases that will see you through this season and beyond.

She’s not just a style blogger either—her hilarious piece on getting fit in your 40s will have you giggling in sympathy.


Style at a Certain Age


Nearing her 60s, Beth of Style At A Certain Age is the epitome of class. Posting daily outfits on Instagram and her blog, we’re pretty envious of her action-packed lifestyle that sees her regularly speaking out at public events in defence of older women’s visibility in the industry.

She somehow also finds the time to be prolific on YouTube and her short and snappy style tips videos are the perfect breakfast watch when you’re not sure what to wear.


Senior Style Bible

senior style bible

An 82-year-old retired Playboy Bunny, the stories that Dorrie Jackson has to tell are endless. Similarly so is her closet—her "simple with a pop of personality" looks make complete sense against the backdrop of her Las Vegan home.

Writing in her about me section, she explains that her love of blogging comes about from a desire to carve out a signature style.

“A lot of women are scared of ageing, so I wanted to present images of women who continue to look and feel beautiful as they age. Beauty is ageless when worn with an air of confidence.” she says. Hear hear!


Not Dressed as Lamb


“Who wants to be age-appropriate anyway?” asks Catherine in the header of her blog, Not Dressed As Lamb.

Offering up preppy looks with a great sense of humour, the "Queen Of Clash" is an ideal blog for creative types who often need an occasion outfit; Catherine really comes into her own when advising looks for parties, events and gatherings.


Midlife Chic


Friends, family and fashion—all central themes of the Midlife Chic blog.

Run by Nikki Garnett (once head of marketing at Selfridges), she’s a glamorous industry native who enjoys spreading her knowledge on a variety of topics, including raising three boys, developing hair and beauty skills and a range of more personal posts about her feelings towards growing older and chasing happiness.

A feel-good read for people of all ages, her sense of style appeals to the most simple of fashion rules—if you like it, wear it.


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