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Moissanite wedding bands


21st Sep 2021 Fashion & Beauty

Moissanite wedding bands

Looking to buy rings and jewellery for your wedding? Want to make yourself more radiant during your wedding at an affordable price?

Then you landed at right place. Moissanite is a gemstone that is affordable, radiating, and durable. Many new couples have a catch on moissanite rings for their engagement due to its stunning features. Are you at the edge of buying a moissanite wedding band for yourself or your partner, then read on to know why you should choose it!


There are a lot of misconceptions about diamonds and moissanite. Busting the myths about them here. Around fifty thousand years ago, there was a sky meteorite in Arizona. It created a vest hole in the Earth’s surface a mile deep. All these fragments were scattered across the desert and Henry Moissan discovered a few tiny sparkling crystals of silicon carbide among the scattered fragments. In his honour, it was named as moissanite. 

Is moissanite a real Diamond?

Naturally existing moissanite is very rarely found. It is usually man-made under strict supervision. Moissanite is not a real diamond, it’s a beautiful gemstone of its own. It has stunning properties which make it unique. Diamond is made of carbon. Whereas moissanites are made of carbon silicate making them repel dust better than diamonds. The dispersion is 2.42 for a diamond whereas for moissanite it is 2.65. In 1998, moissanite was introduced to the global jewellery market. It was then considered as an alternative for diamond rings for engagements and other festive occasions. Indeed, with some optical properties exceeding those of a diamond, it started ruling the market! 

Are multiple grades of moissanite rings available?

Yes, traditionally moissanites were available as yellowish-green stones named as classic moissanite (these are available even today). But with the advancements in technology, scientists continued experimenting and resulted in near-to colourless and colourless moissanites. When it was first discovered, it came out as a beautiful yellowish-green colour. 

Will you regret purchasing moissanite?

Absolutely not if you buy moissanite after knowing and considering its own uniqueness and beauty. It is not recommended to purchase it as a replacement for diamonds. Both are two different gemstones to cherish, explore the quality and design options, then make your purchase for your engagement or weddings! 

Will moissanite fade over time or last forever?

Moissanite is a gemstone that is beautiful from outside and strong from inside. It has a whooping 9.25 – 9.5 score on the scale of Mohs hardness. And so, it is less likely to have scratches making it last forever. 

Is it ethical to buy moissanite?

Moissanite is a lab-generated gemstone. Meaning, we are not harming nature for our moissanite wedding bands. Unlike diamonds, moissanites are not mined, which helps protecting the natural form of our planet. It is also said that moissanites are eco-friendly options for shopping jewellery! Why will one miss that? 

How to buy a moissanite ring?

If you have decided to purchase moissanite wedding bands, then you have made a best decision. To buy them head on to moissanite.co website and start shopping for your wedding today!

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