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Miss Jessie’s: The black haircare brand you need to know

Miss Jessie’s: The black haircare brand you need to know

Finding the right shampoo can be a tricky business. Whether you need volumizer or frizz-protection, dandruff avoidance or moisture addition, there is normally a brand for you if you search hard enough. If you’re a person with afro hair, however, that struggle can often be a lot harder.

Although the range of cosmetic lines for people of colour is expanding, there are still very few brands available in the UK that accommodate the levels of moisture and gentle detangling that ethnic hair can require.

Luckily, our overseas cousins in America have our back—introducing Miss Jessie's, the hair company that caters for all textures and types.


Why Miss Jessie’s?

Miss Jessie's

Founded by sisters Miko and Tito Branch, Miss Jessie’s was originally launched in 2004 off the back of their New York salon of the same name. Inspired by their maternal grandmother, a proud southerner who blended her own concoctions to tame her family’s thick hair, they recognised the gap in the market for women who didn’t fit into the traditional mould.

Instead, they looked to formulate products that would treat and nourish all types of curly hair, from tight afro curls right through to Mediterranean loose waves.

Their first product of this type was the Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, a sweet-smelling cream that remains one of their highest retailers, offering a definition and hold that earned plaudits from the likes of Rihanna, Halle Berry and Joss Stone.

Following the passing of her sister and co-founder Tito in 2014, Miko Branch continued to work tirelessly, expanding the range and publishing her book Miss Jessie's: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch—Naturally.

Now in its 13th year, Miss Jessie’s is readily available in many of the UK’s department stores and online. With an abundance of products to try, we put some of their best sellers to the test…


For tight curls, try

tight curls curly pudding black hair

Curly Pudding isn’t Miss Jessie’s flagship product for nothing. Packaged in their simple but colourful tubs, it works to extend tight curls and add shine, ideal for those with tight hair patterns that tend to shrink with washing.

If your hair is prone to particular crimps or kinks, a base of Baby Buttercreme can add an extra softness that stops the hair from falling into its regular pattern.


For straightened or damaged hair, try

miss jessie's transitioner magic

Many mixed-race or black girls will know the struggle that comes with managing chemically relaxed hair as it grows out.

A styler and leave-in conditioner, Transitioners Magic can be used on damp or fully wet hair, encouraging natural growth and minimising the visual difference between roots and relaxed ends.

A definite go-to for those wanting to experiment with going au natural.


For hair that knots easily, try

Miss Jessie’s Super Sudsy Shampoo

With a sweet smell of pears and green apples, a small squeeze of the Super Sudsy Shampoo is more than enough to wash even reasonably lengthy hair.

Lather through curls and tease gently to detangle—we were impressed at how even the most stubborn of knots seemed to fall out of the hair without the sticky residue that so many detanglers rely on.

Packed with moisture, this shampoo works well without a secondary conditioner, ideal for those who wish to travel light.  


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