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Men’s Summer Style Heating Up this Season

Men’s Summer Style Heating Up this Season
Long gone are the days when men would only wear long chinos or linens and closed-toe shoes for the summer season, times have evolved and so should you.
These days we need to embrace the art of relaxation, taking time to be outdoors in the fresh air, and the last thing we need is to be overly dressed with layers of clothing and footwear making us uncomfortable.
What you need is to dress with style but most importantly with a lightness to your wardrobe and nothing says light and uncomplicated than throwing on a pair of shorts and great flip flops.
The world of flip flops has come a long way, and not only are they now more readily available but look fantastic with so many style dynamics and wardrobes. If this summer is your time to adventure and explore the world then check out the best men’s flip flops on the market to compliment your wardrobe as you head off on a memory-making journey.

Summer in style

 We love the hot summer months where everything operates just that little bit slower. The vibe is chilled, the mood is upbeat, and fashion seems to lend itself to the more beach-bespoke aesthetic that so many people are drawn to. If you are fortunate enough to live in a coastal town then you will know all too well the comfort and ease flip flops bring to the table. And there is no doubt we have all worn a pair of flips flops at least once in our lives, whether as a kid or currently as we navigate adulthood, but one thing remains the same, they make us feel relaxed.
Something is soothing about popping on a pair of simple flip-flops, heading to the beach, and walking through the white sands and crystal waters without ever having to take off your shoes. This is a winning combination in my book.
Men often consider wearing flip-flops too casual for anything more than lounging around the house or popping down to the local corner store for some bits, but they are quickly making their way to the forefront of the fashion world. And they come with a whole host of positives to match, see a curated list below of what some of those great benefits are;
Versatility – Flip flops have never only been considered beach footwear. More often than not you see men wearing t-shirts and jeans styled with a great pair of flip-flops to wind down at the end of the day when the air is cooling down.
Breathability – We have all experienced those scorching hot summer days when we have been wearing closed shoes the whole day and are feeling claustrophobic in our own footwear, with flip-flops you don’t have this. When your feet are free and open they have constant air circulation, blood flows more freely as you walk, and you give them the chance to get some much-needed vitamin D which they otherwise never would have.
Comfort – Tight, cramped dress shoes can be torture on your feet all day at the office. But when you come home and throw on your favourite flip-flops you feel the stress release from your legs and feet, and you instantly feel in a better mood.
Easiness – They are the perfect grab-and-go shoes to throw into a bag if you are headed out the door. They don’t take up space, they work pretty much with all outfits and are an easy addition to your travel luggage.
Style adaptive – Whether you want a beach day with the lads or have a linen dressed-down suit for an early evening dinner a great pair of flip-flops will work for every situation. You could opt for a neutral color that pairs well with all styles, or a more vibrant pair to embrace that holiday mood, there is something for everyone.

Style through the ages

We often forget that flip flops or some version thereof has been around for centuries from Roman and Greek times, and only with modern innovations and business-savvy entrepreneurship thinking they have taken the world by storm and are commonly worn across the globe by all ages and demographics. This is what makes flip-flops so highly sought after, they have a global target market so the whole family can enjoy wearing them, and have found their way in recent years onto men’s fashion runways and in magazines, and rightly so.
Men are showing us that flip flops can be masculine and even more so can be styled both up and down to meet any occasion. Who knew a rubber flip-flop could have such a positively powerful impact on civilization?
Times are continuing to evolve and in some cases revolutionize, and daily schedules to keep up with everything are getting busier and fuller. But coming home and grabbing your favourite, comfy flip flops and feeling the freedom they evoke makes it all ok.

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