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Men’s anti-ageing essentials


7th Oct 2019 Fashion & Beauty

Men’s anti-ageing essentials

It's time men's faces got a little beauty-focused attention, too.

Ageing is a natural process, but there are plenty of ways to do it gracefully. Women’s anti-ageing beauty has been a booming industry for decades, but products targeted at men are fast catching up, with a countless array of products promising to turn back the clock. But how do you sort the youthful from the useless?

As far as we’re concerned, male age is most noticeable in three areas – the hairline, the eyeline and the jawline. Your first port of call should be a good volumising shampoo. Kevin Murphy’s plumping wash is full of nettle extract and vitamins A&C to strengthen thinning hair, and Oleanolic acid to fight follicle ageing. Team with minimal conditioner to allow it to do it’s best work. 

Facial hair can also show age, so keep yours in check with a rich aftershave balm that maintains moisture in the skin that lies beneath. L’Occitane are well-known for their indulgent handcreams, but their facial products are also chock-full of revitalising fatty acids and anti-inflammatory birch sap that will soothe any irritations. Complete your morning routine with a quick slick of eye gel, and you’ll be good to go—Recipe For Men’s version will make quick work of any lingering puffiness or crows feet. Age may be just a number, but in your bathroom cabinet, it’s a simple rule of three. 


Hero products

Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash Shampoo, £26 for 250ml
L’Occitane Aftershave Balm, £22.50 for 75ml
Recipe For Men Under Eye Gel, £27 for 250ml

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