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Making Jewellery: A Bewitching Craft

Making Jewellery: A Bewitching Craft

Greek mythology, femme fatales and the art-deco movement all play their part in inspiring the striking collections from jewellery designer Cara Tonkin.

inspired creations

Based in Brighton, Cara first fell in love with this craft while studying her foundation in art. Her work, which she describes as being created for “stylish, strong-minded women” is indeed as beautiful to see as it is to touch.

“I love tactile fabrics such as velvet and silk and take a lot of inspiration from clothing and textiles,” says Cara. “I believe that jewellery should feel alluring to touch as well as having visual appeal.”

One of her more recent collections “Siren” exemplifies the tactile quality her jewellery possesses, being comprised of smooth snake chains, overlapping “scales” and hanging tassels in gold vermeil and silver. Named after the creature from Greek Mythology, “Siren” is also indicative of Cara’s exploration of the “bewitching power of female allure and the portrayal of the Femme Fatale throughout history”.


I’m enchanted by this collection and love Cara’s use of oxidised silver to add a touch of dark romance. Her work is stocked in numerous galleries across the country, and her Brighton studio is open to customers looking to create a bespoke item.

Visit caratonkin.com for more information.

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