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Magnetic lashes are here to slay


17th Nov 2020 Fashion & Beauty

Magnetic lashes are here to slay

When magnetic false eyelashes first hit the market in the UK in early 2017, they were considered a bit of a fad – and incredibly difficult to apply. Lots of legacy lash brands didn’t believe that magnetic lashes could ever take off. But less than five years later, magnetic lashes have become just as popular as traditional strip lashes, a staple in the eyelash category

The magnetic lash market is now a quirky subset of the wider lash industry, with a mix of legacy brands and smaller magnetic-only players vying for your custom. With thousands of magnetic styles to choose from and new brands popping up every day, magnetic lashes are here to slay – and here to stay.

How to use magnetic lashes

The earliest magnetic lashes consisted of four strips, two for each eye. Application involved trapping your natural lashes with a magnetic strip on top, and a magnetic strip on the bottom. After battling with them to stay on and stay in the right place, you’d then cross your fingers and pray that the wind wouldn’t take them off if you ventured outside. Or if you opened a door too quickly.

Magnetic lashes have come a long way since 2017. Ardell pioneered pre-cut magnetics, which they touted as easier to apply than the clumsily large magnetic lashes that first hit the market. 

After pre-cut lashes, came magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner. These differ significantly from the very first magnetics to hit the market because instead of using a ‘sandwich’ technique to apply them, they rely on magnetic eyeliner. The application process is actually a piece of cake, pop some liner on your lids then pop the magnetic lashes on top. Voila – job done in record time.

The removal of magnetic lashes is pretty straightforward too. Just give them a gentle tug when you’re ready to call it a day (or night). Removing magnetic eyeliner on the other hand can be tricky, as it’s generally a little more stubborn than traditional eyeliner. That said, magnetic eyeliner is nothing a little makeup remover and a Q-tip can’t take care of.

Salons shut? 

One of the reasons why magnetic lashes have seen a surge in popularity in 2020 is due to salons and lash techs being forced to close during the first UK lockdown. This meant that people who had never been without their lash extensions couldn’t have them professionally applied or infilled. In turn, this meant lots of people who usually had their lashes applied professionally had to do it themselves – a daunting prospect. 

Individual and cluster lashes are notoriously difficult to apply to yourself. Traditional strip lashes can also be a bit tricky to apply. That’s where magnetic lashes came in – because they offer a shot of length and volume without the frustration and mess that cluster and strip lashes can cause.

Magnetic lashes were the answer to many prayers over the three months that salons and lash techs were closed in the UK. In some cases, they’ve rendered professional lash extensions obsolete. Professional lash fanatics have been converted to the dark side in 

Can you save money with magnetic lashes? 

One of the great things about magnetic lashes is that they can generally be reused more often than traditional strip lashes. Where traditional strips often get covered in glue then start to shed and fall apart, magnetic lashes generally stay cleaner and in one piece for longer. Providing you don’t layer liner or mascara all over your magnetic lashes, some of them will last upwards of 30 wears. They represent much better value for money when compared to professional lash extensions.

Another advantage of magnetic lashes is that you can go from day to night in just a minute or two. You can apply magnetic liner and wear a subtle pair of falsies during the day, then if you’ve got drinks with the girls or a big night out after work, you can take off your subtle lashes and pop on a pair that are a little more dramatic. It’s a 60 second job – and it’s something you can’t do with professional lash extensions. Once they’re on, they’re not coming off without a struggle!

Final verdict 

Magnetic lashes are here to say, that much is clear. What’s unclear is whether or not the innovation stage is over, and whether or not magnetic lashes will continue to steal market share from traditional strip lashes. 

While legacy brands were slow to develop and launch their own magnetic lashes in the first instance, big names such as Ardell, Eylure and Kiss now boast full magnetic ranges – including top selling traditional styles. If you want your fix of Ardell Demi Wispies or Eylure Texture 117 without the mess or fuss, then you’ll be pleased to know these are just a few of the many styles now available in magnetic form.

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