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Keep your eyes bright without expensive creams


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

Keep your eyes bright without expensive creams

These homemade solutions will keep your eyes bright and sparkling, no matter how tired you feel on the inside!

Tighten up tired eyes

tired eyes

Many models and performers have long held the secret to reducing puffiness and wrinkles, no matter how late they were up the night before—and it's not an expensive eye cream!

It is, in fact, haemorrhoid cream, which tightens puffy areas and wrinkles. If the smell of the cream is too strong, mix a little moisturiser into it before applying. And be careful not to get any of the cream into your eyes, remembering that it's designed to be used elsewhere.


A spoonful of energy


The next time your eyes need a pep-up, take two metal teaspoons from the kitchen drawer and hold them under very cold running water for a few minutes. 

Then lie down and place the bowls of the spoons over your eyelids for 20-60 seconds. The sharp cold of the metal will revive tired eyes and may boost your energy levels at the same time. 


Teething ring eye booster

teething rings

If a crying baby has kept you up all night, leaving you with tired eyes, put two of their teething rings into the freezer until they're ice-cold, stretch out on the sofa and place the rings on your closed eyelids for 10 minutes.

The cold will reduce puffiness and you'll feel more invigorated.


Lighten dark circles

dark circles

For many people, tiredness causes dark circles under the eyes—panda eyes—that can add years to the appearance of men and women alike. 

If you can't catch up on your rest, place slices of ripe avocado under each eye, or apply a paste of ground almonds and milk to help lighten the dark shadows on this delicate skin. 


Cool as a cucumber

cool as a cucumber

When your eyes are all red and puffy from late nights or overwork, cut a couple of slices of cold cucumber, lie down and put a slice over each eye for 30 minutes. 

When you get u, your eyes will be brighter and your body refreshed. 


De-puff with tea


Tea—containing natural tannins—is a mild diuretic and has long been used by grandmothers and catwalk models alike to reduce eye puffiness.

Soak two tea bags in warm water and then chill the bags for a few minutes in the fridge. Place one tea bag on each eye and leave it for five minutes.

When you remove the bags, your eyes should feel completely refreshed. 


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