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How to wear modernised 80s makeup

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How to wear modernised 80s makeup
Jenessa Williams travels back in time with this, like, totally bangin' trend, and brings it back to the future with her tips for modernised 80s makeup
Fun, extravagant and colourful, the Eighties were an era where more meant more. Heels were high, silhouettes were extreme and cosmetics were applied with a heavy hand, reflecting an age where women fought to own their femininity and assert their power at the same time.
Before we resign ourselves back to shoulder pads, skin-tight leggings and home perm kits, the modern take on Eighties style is thankfully a little more subtle. In an increasingly dark world, we’re craving the carefree approach to make-up and fashion once more, bringing zingy tones to our faces and wardrobes to show we mean business.
To ace the new approach, simply focus on one facial feature at a time, keeping the rest of the look neutral. Swap out your usual brown or black eyeliner for something a little more high-pigment—cobalts and mustards look great on darker skin, or try out a bold green or magenta if you’re fair. As part of an exclusive deal with ASOS, Crayola Beauty have released a range of over 40 colours, packaged in creamy formulas that apply as easily as well, a crayon.
If eyeliner isn’t your thing, try a new eyeshadow or lipstick in a primary hue; just remember to apply a good primer or lipbalm before to avoid creasing and allow the colour to cling as long as possible.
In terms of hair, sleek bobs and straightened styles are being swapped for texture—lots of it. A chopstick curler is perfect for creating tight spirals that can be teased out with your fingers, or try a gentle crimp at the roots to create volume in thin hair. Whatever your technique, keep it bright, well-defined and whimsical. Your younger self would approve.
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