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How to take care of your body hair

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How to take care of your body hair
Whatever your preference, we're telling you about five haircare brands that will help you to take care of your body hair, kindly and sensitively 
Body hair. Almost everybody has it, and yet so many are still ashamed to talk about it. Whether you wax, shave or go au natural, body hair is a very personal choice that should hold no shame whatever your regime. In the spirit of the feminism of choice, here are five emerging beauty brands to help pamper your privates.


Changing the way we see razors, Billie is a subscription service tailored to joyful feminine grooming.
Delivering high-quality shaving supplies to your door (free from the pink tax), you can choose your frequency of new razor cartridges and a variety of body products, cutting down on waste.
Shipping is currently only available in the US, but the brand is expected to expand to the UK very soon.  


How many times have you tried to prune that annoying hair with a razor, only to find it returning mere weeks later?
Save yourself the hassle with a new set of Tweezerman tweezers—precision shaped for minimal pain, they get right to the root and come in a variety of fun colours to brighten your make up bag. Team with their classic 10x mirror for even easier grooming.


Championed by the likes of Emma Watson, Fur’s signature oil is making waves as a leading product for intimate haircare. Made from 100% natural oils, it is gently antiseptic and antimicrobial, softening hair and preventing ingrown follicles.
Perfect for post-shaving, after a wax or just a treat for a natural look—what’s not to love?


No matter your skin type, the all-encompassing products from Shaveworks are a worthy addition to your bathroom.
Infused with botanical extracts that reduce razor or removal cream burn, we’re particular fans of the Pearl Soufflé shave cream, infused with lavender that gently exfoliates and moisturizes to avoid dry skin after hair removal.
The Cool Fix rollerball is also an enticing purchase, ideal for popping in a handbag to combat any potential redness or irritation that comes from facial hair removal.

Minikini Colour

Make a statement and dare to dye! Normal hair dye isn’t suitable for your intimate areas, but with Minikini Colour, you can choose between a variety of shades that are suitable for application to underarm and pubic regions.
Whether you opt for a shocking pink or a subtler brunette, the semi-permanent colour lasts up to around eight showers and is free from animal testing and parabens. Just remember to patch test first to avoid any nasty surprises.