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How to plan amazing Autumn outfits


21st Aug 2019 Fashion & Beauty

How to plan amazing Autumn outfits
It might only be September but as the nights start to draw in and the shops showcase their autumn and winter ranges it’s perfectly acceptable to start planning your autumn wardbrobe. 
And whilst we are still enjoying the mild weather and wearing our flip flops, most of us girls still look forward to the season where we can wear cute ankle boots, snug jackets and tights under our dresses (even just for the reduced number of times we have to shave our legs!)
But despite many of us have a closet full of clothes sometimes it still feels like we have nothing to wear, relatable right? 
Here are some tips on planning and putting together your autumn wardrobe.

Declutter Your Clothes 

The first step in finding and keeping new clothes in your wardrobe is to create a space for them. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it anymore – then get rid,  if it doesn’t fit – then get rid, if you haven't worn it in a couple of years – then get rid.
Only keep clothes which you still love to wear. If you are finding this hard, then ask yourself these questions:
  • Do I feel confident in this dress?
  • Does it fit me well?
  • Am I going to wear it again?
  • Is it in fashion? (but only if that matters to you)

Repurpose your old clothing

Before you give your discarded clothing to charity or hand me down to your daughter/sister/niece – are there any items which you can repurpose?
For example, your favourite jeans might be a bit worn around the ankle – but could you cut the legs off to make a pair of shorts for next summer?

Locate your outerwear

Gather all your autumn jackets, coats, and scarfs from the loft or from storage and have them in one place ready for the autumn and winter season ahead - somewhere where it’s easy for you to then choose which outwear would best accompany your outfit that day.

Handbag collection

Go through and sort out your handbag collection – pick those that are suitable for the season ahead and store them somewhere within your reach. If you are planning on purchasing new and trending bags this autumn, then there are endless handbags in all shapes and colours, sizes and materials to choose from at Fashionette.
From Valentino to Coach and from Chloe to Michael Kors, they have them all. Moreover, if you are looking for some inspiration for your autumn handbag collection then you can choose from a wide range of on-trend handbags including:
  • Trimmed leather shoulder bag
  • Vibrant designed woven handbags
  • Bucket style woven tote with metal handle
  • Crossbody bamboo clutch

Sort your shoes

Autumn in the UK is a mixed bag – it can be lovely and pleasant or downright freezing – but most of the time it’s mild with a chill in the air and a bit more rain.
Make sure your footwear is equipped for autumn and be ready to put your summer shoes and sandals to the back of your closet and pull out your boots, flats and closed wedges ready for autumn wear.


Visit different stores and websites to see what's on trend this season – and then personalise the outfits to you – don’t wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable just because it’s in fashion. For example, if an outfit requires heels but you are not good in them – how about replacing with a pair of wedge ankle boots or shoes? Add a distinct twist to each outfit you buy to bring out your own unique personality.

Get out of a style rut

If you are fed up of wearing the same old same old and don’t feel like buying new autumn dresses just because everyone else is – then spend some time pairing pieces that you don’t usually wear. Try different colours, textures, patterns, or even styles to see what else you feel comfrotable in and revive your closet.

Autumn clothing is all about contrast

Do not hesitate to give your leather trousers a feminine twist by pairing it with a satin silk blouse or wearing a floral slip dress with chunky boots or try wearing contrasting colours. 

Putting your outfit together 

Consider the day or occasion

The selection of your outfit depends on the kind of event you're going or the day you are having. You may need a beautiful evening dress paired with stilettoes for date night or a camel jacket with jeans for the weekend.

Build your outfit

Start by picking one clothing item that you want to wear and build your outfit around it. If you are uncertain or have no idea about what to wear, take inspiration from online fashion blogs and trends

Pick your outerwear according to your clothes

Once you have decided on what to wear, then you can figure out how to put your entire look together. Avoid picking your shoes, bag, accessories all in the same colour as your outfits. As we’ve mentioned before – contrast is key and will bring the look together.

Top Amazing Autumn Outfits You Need to Try this Year

We have picked up a few autumn outfits to nail your look every time you leave the house. 

Wear a suede jacket with a slip dress

Who told you that you couldn't wear your summer dresses in autumn? You can wear any printed slip dress - all you need to do is modify it a little bit. Pair a 70’s inspired suede jacket with a slip dress you've enjoyed wearing all summer and tie your whole look together with gold hoops, ankle boots, and tights if it’s cold on that day.

Go with a statement trench and jeans

This combo is a particularly chic look - wear a simple white T-shirt underneath and pair with some boots or flats to complete the look.

Pick Autumnal colours for an inspired look

Burgandy, mustard and rust shades are stapled Autumn colours. This season will see 70s inspired fashion coming back into the mainstream. Suede or cod skirts paired with ankle boots and a tote bag and you are good to go. 

Layer a long-sleeved top with denim dungarees 

Layering your clothing is bang on trend and a great autumn style.  You can wear denim dungarees as a base along with a long-sleeved top and comfy trainers
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