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How to inject colour into your beauty regime

How to inject colour into your beauty regime

Feeling stuck in a style rut? It may not just be about your wardrobe. Often, a makeup spruce or skincare change-up can be enough to revitalise your look for a new season.

Beauty and skincare saviours sometimes come from unusual sources and can revolutionise the way you use certain products. 

Forget your powdery pinks and dull oils—here are our favourite unusual colourful products that will define your beauty regime this summer.


Silver-lined brows

glitter brows
Image via Giambattista Valli

A key trend on the AW16 catwalks that has carried over into the current season, adding a hint of glitter to your makeup bag might be all you need to jazz up your standard basics.

Glitter freckles and rainbow roots might be a little too much for day-to-day living, but delicate touches of gold around the corners of your eyes or dotted along a kohl liner can add dewiness to the face that provides a swift evening update to a daytime look.

For those feeling more out-there, sweeps of silver glitter along the browline as seen as Giambattista Valli’s autumn showing are gaining popularity, lifting the eyeline and balancing heavy brows.


Turmeric facewash


Known for its antiseptic qualities, slavering your face in the orange powder (diluted of course) can help fight acne and bring about a healthy glow by reducing oil secretion in your sebaceous glands.

It’s all due to Curcumin, an active compound that's antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral powerhouse, helping with quick healing of minor wounds, aiding in sun protection. According to various reports, it may also contribute to slowing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Before running out and buying all the turmeric facemasks and infused creams you can find, adding it to your diet can be just as valuable—add it to curries and soups or try out the latest coffee trend, the turmeric latte.


Coloured mascara

coloured mascara
Image via Vogue

Remember Twiggy and her colourful eyelids? The latest mod trend requires much less maintenance—just a swift flick of mascara. Whatever your preferred colour, choose a wide brush and build up in layers to really emphasise the shade, leaving the rest of the face bare for maximum impact.

If mascara isn’t your bag, a colourful liner can work just as well, or go all out with two contrasting shades for a ‘pop-art’ take on trend—purples and oranges look great on pale skintones or try blues and yellows on darker complexions.


Wasabi lip plumper

Image via Christina Nicolee

Fans of Japanese cuisine will well know the sinus-clearing strength of a good shot of lurid green Wasabi, but its distinctive composition is fast making its name in skincare.

Packaged in handwashes, massage oil and hair treatments, it can help repair cuticles and restore shine, as well as being a powerful spot treatment and lip plumper if used in small quantities. As with any alternative beauty treatment, always do a patch test first to avoid irritation.


Terrarium eyes

Image via Ellie Costello

Terrariums are no longer confined to the garden—this Instagram movement is bringing a touch of spring greenery to your eyes.

Popularised by London-based MUA Ellie Costello, a mix of highly pigmented colour, unkempt brows and delicate appliques lashes come together for a new take on the English Rose.

Perhaps best confined to parties and special events, terrarium eyes require some patience but can look great both in toned-down and high octane versions. Experiment with sparsely combed lashes or blend several eyeshadows to create a simple look or try the petal appliques.

Ellie’s Instagram account @makeupisart_x lists all the products she uses.


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Feature images via Marie Claire and Tumblr