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How to get the best shave: For men and women


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

How to get the best shave: For men and women

Whether man or woman, we all have hairs we wish to get rid of. This article shows you all the techniques you need to know to keep your bristles soft, minimise irritation, keep you smooth and looking good.


Preparing to Shave 

Steam and hot water soften your bristles and open up the pores of your skin, making shaving easier and less painful.

In the Shower?

Most people can get a terrific shave without any lather or cream by shaving as the last part of a shower. Just 5 minutes of hot, steamy water provides all the moisture and hair softening your beard needs, and the rinse-off and clean-up take just seconds.


How to improve your shaving technique

You should always shave with the ‘grain’ of your hair growth. When men shave the neck, for instance, they should go down rather than up. When shaving their legs or bikini area, women should follow the same policy. So shave your legs down, not up. This might not give the closest shave, but you won't cut the hair so short that it can burrow under your skin.

Shave slowly, with short strokes, and rinse the blade often in hot water. Your Skin is not flat so long strokes increase your chances of cuts or scrapes. Try not to press down with the blade especially around sensitive areas.

Apply shaving cream with a shaving brush for an extra-lustrous shaving session (whether on your legs or on your face). It will create tons of lather with will make the hairs softer and easier to remove. 


After the Shave

Soothing razor rash

If you get a rash from shaving, apply a slice of cucumber to the irritated area, or peel a cucumber, whizz it in a blender and apply the purée to the area. Better still, put some avocado in the blender at the same time.

Aloe vera is one of the best natural ingredients for irritated or burned skin. If you have an aloe plant, cut open the fleshy base of a leaf, squeeze out the clear gel and apply it directly to the skin. Or use a proprietary skin-care product containing the plant extract. Best is 100 per cent pure aloe vera gel. Another alternative is to rub calendula cream onto the affected area.

If you're prone to ingrown hairs... 

Lather with shaving cream or gel for 5 minutes to soften the hairs. Then shave in the direction of the hair growth with a new blade. Follow with a gentle moisturiser.



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