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How beauty businesses use technology


23rd May 2021 Fashion & Beauty

How beauty businesses use technology

Improvements in technology have changed everything. Technology has helped us to keep in touch when we can't physically meet each other.

. It's helping medical professionals to do their job better and more efficiently. It's helping engineers to get to new planets. But one thing you might not think about when it comes to technology is the likes of the beauty industry, laser hair removal and more besides.

Beauty businesses have made huge leaps in the technology they use over the past few years.

Technology has supported beauty businesses with everything from reaching clients, scheduling treatments, creating new products and offering new technology-based treatments. Here are some of the biggest trends in technology that are helping beauty businesses find their place in our lives.


Many people have great difficulty finding exactly the right foundation shade for them.

As many of us are full of experience, a poor choice in foundation shade can make us look ghostly or perhaps were still like a clown. Finding the right shade of foundation with the correct undertones for your skin is a challenge when all you have to go off is a printed colour and some swatches on your hand. Now new technology is offering a smart solution to this problem.

Lancome has designed the world's first computer able to perfectly colour match foundation to skin. The device is available at Selfridges and Harrods in the UK and allows consultants to find the perfect shade for you using their digital scanner. The computer algorithm chooses the perfect foundation from over 20,000 different shades.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a fairly new technology but it's quickly becoming very popular with customers, and with good reason. Laser hair removal is carried out by a trained technician and uses a laser to destroy unwanted hair follicles meaning they can't go back. The process is quick and a lot less painful than methods like waxing.

Alongside this, the final results are permanent meaning you won't have to keep shaving or waxing and you won't have to keep purchasing new hair removal products. Laser hair removal is a long-term solution to the problem of unwanted hair. The process is incredibly precise and can be used anywhere on the body to remove hair.

New Booking Systems

Advances in technology have meant booking beauty treatment has become easier than ever. The customer experience is improved and booking online is quick and easy.

Using an App or website to book a beauty appointment not only means the process is quick and easy but it also allows customers to browse potential treatments that they might like to receive, check prices and see what else is available. Online booking platforms mean there will never be a mistake and business owners know exactly what they are required to do each day.

Booking systems and the ordering of services, performed via online platforms is something that has been ever-present for quite some time in industries ranging from live-in care in the UK (when a family is seeking a carer for a loved one) to ordering food and drink and even ordering massages.

Virtual Try-On Apps

Virtual try-on apps have become very popular in the UK, especially when it comes to more permanent beauty decisions like dying your hair. Virtual try on app allows you to take a picture of your face and edit your appearance in number of ways.

Some apps allow you to try out different makeup looks to see how they would fit your face. While others will edit the colour of your hair so you can see exactly how you would look in that new shade you've been thinking about.

It's no wonder these apps have become so popular as they take all the guesswork out of new beauty choices. You can see exactly how you would look in a number of different ways, which is both very fun and very helpful.

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