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How anti-ageing treatments can positively affect your skin


19th Nov 2019 Fashion & Beauty

How anti-ageing treatments can positively affect your skin

More and more people, borth male and female, especially within Europe, are looking for new treatments that are able to keep their skin – particular their facial skin – healthy, hydrated and toned. It goes without saying that not every treatment is actually efficient, and the worst ones are even unhealthy so customers have to be very careful when they choose a specific anti-ageing product.

They should pick the best suited treatment for their skin, and be aware that there usually isn’t any one product that is suitable for everyone. Each persons skin is different, and should be treated as unique.

That’s why the big brands in the skincare industry try to develop the largest possible range of products, each one of them designed for each customer’s particular needs. For instance, the anti-ageing Nuxe products line, provides a series of treatments that are so complete that each client’s requirements can be fulfilled by it.

What are the effects of these products?

The effects of anti-ageing Nuxe products, or similar ones, on facial skin are visible after a few weeks of treatment. A complete skincare regime affects an extensive array of facial features, enhancing the face’s overall look and hiding – or, more correctly, rectifying – the more obvious signs of ageing.

How? Let’s see what are the main effects of a correct anti-ageing regime on an middle-aged individual’s face are.

1. An anti-ageing treatment helps keep the face clean. Not only on the surface, but also in the underlying layers of the skin, where pores can be freed from impurities.

2. It gives the face back its natural colour and brightness. With an efficient anti-ageing skincare regime, dead skin cells on the surface of the face are removed before they gather together - dulling the skin's complexion and giving rise to other issues such as pore blockage and spots.

3. It promotes blood flow to the surface of the skin -  which helps to carry waste products away from working cells in the skin – flushing cellular debris including free radicals out of the system – effectively cleansing your skin from the inside. 

4. It cleanses the face from all the residual traces of smog, make up and all the atmospheric particles that can stain, matt or darken the skin. In more generic terms, it removes all the impurities that simply washing with water and soap couldn’t reach.

5. It’s relaxing. Every application of an anti-ageing product is equivalent to a facial massage. All the benefits of an ordinary massage could be found through a proper anti-ageing daily treatment. All that it takes is half an hour to devote to self-care.

6. It provides extra hydration and enduring moisturisation of the skin. So the face appears more toned, brighter and, in a way, “fuller”. Moreover, correct skin hydration prevents the occurrence of many skin problems caused by pollution and/or atmospheric agents.

7. Last but not least, a correct anti-ageing treatment erases wrinkles, blackheads and age spots. Which remains the main goal of every product designed to lead to a sensible and effective skin rejuvenation.

Finally, what is important to note is that, regardless of the kind of treatment that anyone chooses for their skincare regime, every action should be preceded by a meticulous specialist examination, (try Crysallis Skin Clinic in Reading), in order to identify the best solution for every 
problem. And, at the same time, to find the right therapy and the most appropriate product.

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