Hair removal: For men only!

Excessive facial hair is nothing to be concerned about, but it is deemed unattractive in our society. To resolve the issue of too much hair we have compiled a short guide of hair removal tips for men only. This guide will have you groomed and looking your best.

Shave after your shower

Steam and hot water soften the bristles of your beard and open up the pores of your skin, making shaving easier and less painful. Or, shave in the shower.

Most men can get a terrific shave without any lather or cream by shaving as the last part of a shower. Just 5 minutes of hot, steamy water provides all the moisture and hair softening your beard needs, and the rinse-off and clean-up take just seconds.

Regularly change blades. Change the blade in your razor every three or four days. You could be shaving with the most expensive razor on the market, but if the blade is dull, it will leave you with a red, blotchy face.


A more youthful look

Shave off some or all of your facial hair for a more youthful look. If you have a full beard, try a goatee. If you have a goatee, go for the clean-faced look.


Trimming other hair on your body

Many men losing the hair on their heads start to gain it in other places, such as the ears, nose or back. To look clean and contemporary, trim, wax or pluck unwanted hair.


Armpit Hair

When the weather gets warmer, trim your armpit hair. There will be less hair to trap bacteria and, hence, less odour.


If you have a unibrow

Consider laser hair removal to tidy up the area. This procedure can also be used to remove stray nose and ear hairs.


Electric or conventional razor? Answer: Always go conventional

It may be faster to shave with an electric razor, but it's harsher on your skin and can strip away natural oils. It also doesn't shave quite as effectively as a conventional razor.



Extend the life of your razors by soaking them in mineral oil. Fill a shallow dish with mineral oil and soak them for a few minutes – the oil stops the oxidation process that can dull the edges. Then use a little rubbing alcohol to clean it off.

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