Hair inspiration for men over 50

As you grow older, your hair does too. If you're unsure how to style hair that's become grey, thin or receding hair, look no further. We're on hand with some hair inspiration.

Short back and sides

The simplest option is often also the best. You can't go far wrong with a 'short back and sides' and there are very few men who won't suit this look. 

Grey Fox
Image via Grey Fox

A classic wardrobe meets a classic hair style. The varied lengths of this short back and sides cut really compliment the salt and pepper shades of his hair. 


short back and sides fashion
Image via The Sartorialist

This man's quirky style is highlighted by his choice of a classic cut. He's used product to add a slight wave and shape to the longer top layers. 



How celebrities wear it:

George Clooney
Image via Wallpapers

An icon of the silver fox look, George Clooney has had the same hairstyle since the 90s. A classic look for a classic Hollywood star. 



Slicked back

If you like your hair slightly longer, but you need to keep it in check, a slicked back look could be your best option. Try investing in a good quality hair pomade which will give your hair shine and hold without drying it out. 

Water-based pomades are recommended if you want to avoid the slightly greasy texture of oil-based products. 




A photo posted by Frank Muytjens, NY. (@fmuytjens) on

This slightly pushed back grey style goes perfectly with carefully groomed facial hair. 


man in suit
Image via @giampaolo_alliata

Even if slicked back isn't your usual taste, it can be a great way to smarten up your look for a special occasion. 



How celebrities wear it:

Jeff Bridges
Image via Twitter

Slicking hair back is a great way to keep long locks under control, and adds a sophisticated twist to a more laid back look, as rocked by Jeff Bridges.



Bushy beard

2015 was without a doubt the year of the beard, and there's no sign of the fashion going away anytime soon. 


A photo posted by eric rutherford (@mrrutherford9) on


Sometimes just a hint of stubble is the best option. It's easy to maintain, hygenic and relatively fuss free.


Image via Pinterest

This longer style is arty and mature. There are so many benefits to having a beard; you look instantly on trend, it'll keep your face warm in winter and protect it from the sun in summer. 



How celebrities wear it:

bill murray beard
Image via Mankind

Bill Murray is the undisputed king of cool and this full bearded look suits him down to a tee. 

Want to know more about beards? Here's the full history of the style…



Styling out hair loss

When your hairline begins receding, or you start to thin on top, hair isn't the only thing you lose; your confidence can take a knocking too.

It's important to accept that there is no cure for male pattern baldness or a receding hairline, but you do have plenty of style options. 

Disguising your hairline:


Shaving your head:

Sometimes taking the plunge and rocking the shaved-head look is the best way to cope with hair loss.

Here's how celebrities work it:

Jason Statham
Image via Men's Health

Jason Statham has rocked the shaved head look for most of his career. 


Denzel Washington
Image via Spy Hollywood

Denzel Washington started showing signs of hair loss in 2011, and he's now rocking the fully shaved look.


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