Gift for her: A perfume experience at Ormonde Jayne

Georgina Yates 

The perfect Christmas gift for her: Find your fragrance with a perfume portrait experience at boutique perfumery Ormonde Jayne.

After walking through beautiful chelsea, I arrive at boutique perfumery Ormonde Jayne for my Perfume Portrait, an experience that matches customers to their ideal scent. Linda Pilkington founded the business after being commissioned by Chanel to create 'the perfect scented candle'. 

“The invoice I sent to Chanel was written in my best handwriting,” she recalls. “Their accountant called and said I must register as a company if I wanted to be paid.” From this practicality, Ormonde Jayne was born.

Customers are invited to relax with a glass of English sparkling wine before being led to their perfect Ormonde Jayne scent via a series of questions and smell tests. I’m warmly greeted by Holly, who, after offering me a chilled glass of wine, explains the process. Before me is a selection of bottled scents, which fall under seven categories, from floral to balsamic and oriental. As I go through the scents I must give an instinctive “yes” or “no”, after which Holly picks out a number of perfumes that match my favourite ingredients. 

I love all the fragrances, but settle on Osmanthus: an uplifting floral perfume with gorgeous golden citrus notes. It’s been a delightful experience that made choosing a new perfume extra special. Perfume Portraiture with Ormonde Jayne costs £120, which includes the product, drinks and your choice of food at their Sloane Square store.

Georgina at Ormonde Jayne

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