Fabulous hair inspiration for women over 50

Knowing how to adapt your hairstyle so that it matures with you into your fifties and beyond can be tricky. We say go for whatever look makes you happy, but if you're in need of some inspiration, we're here to help.

Short and sleek

Short hair is low maintenance, easy to style and always on trend. Plus if you've never had your hair short before, going for the chop could rejuvenate your whole look and give you a confidence boost. 

short hair
Image via Chic at Any Age

This classic cropped do is easy to maintain and style, and will cut serious time off your morning routine. Just blow-dry, tong and go.

This less dramatic side fringe will suit almost any face shape. Ask your hairdresser for advice on tailoring this look to your features. 



How celebrities wear it:

short hair michelle obama
Image via BlackHairstyle.com

Michelle Obama dazzles with a chic short cut. The sweeping side fringe adds drama to the look, making it perfect for a more formal occasion. 


Jody Foster hair
Image via Salon

Jodie Foster sported this chic bob at the Golden Globes. The simple centre parting makes it unfussy and effortlessly cool. It's a practical style that would be especially winning for women who are always on the go. 

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Falling somewhere between the collar bone and jaw line, this hair length is having a bit of a moment. It's a versatile cut, as it can be worn 'undone' and messy for rock chic cool points, or sleek and polished for a more put-together look.

midlength over 50s hair
Image via Advanced Style

We love these blue ends, which make sure this look has some serious personality. The secret is to find a cut that suits you, and then adapt it to match your personal taste. 



How celebrities wear it:

Michelle Pfeiffer
Image via Entertainment Weekly

Michelle Pfeiffer rocking a curly midlength style. 


Angela Bassett
Image via Jordan Strauss

Angela Bassett keeping lines clean and chic at the Golden Globes. 



Long and luscious

long and luscious
Image via JD Williams

Loose plaits make this long hairstyle more practical. This model certainly puts the tired idea that older women shouldn't have long hair to bed. 

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long hair
Image via Advanced Style

Natural grey roots combined with brunette ends give this look a polished ombre effect. 



How celebrities wear it:

Image via Rogue 18

Madonna keeps things youthful at the Met Ball with long blonde hair and grungy dark roots. 


Dianan Ross
Image via Indian Express

Diana Ross continues to look every inch the glamour puss way into her seventies, thanks to her luscious long black hair. 


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