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Disrupting the beauty norms with a people and planet first approach

Disrupting the beauty norms with a people and planet first approach

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Here Is how Essentique by Mandana Navi has changed the beauty game
In this world, there are two types of people: those who chase money and those who follow their dreams. Those latter individuals - the empowered ones - fully understand how to make a positive difference on our planet. Mandana Navi is one example of such an individual; she's redefining beauty standards by means of her brand Essentique and enabling others to discover the inner essence of their natural beauty.
Mandana has always been passionate about handcrafting her own beauty products from available natural resources. Navi's life was impacted by the successful small experiments she conducted early on, because they served as the foundation of her brand Essentique and remain among her favorite memories.
Any endeavor fueled by passion and knowledge will inevitably produce positive outcomes. To ensure that her products are nothing less than flawless, Navi pours her heart and soul into her business and her products. Besides having endless passion, she is also a biologist, has a masters degree in business administration, and is a certified green cosmetic formulator. Navi draws on her extensive knowledge and passion while creating all of her products.
Essentique products are created in small batches to preserve freshness and allow for optimum effectiveness; they contain more than 100 natural and plant-derived components, ranging from pracaxi butter to snowflake extract and Bakuchiol. A quick peek at the finished package reveals products like Eggcel hair wash, an ultimate natural remedy for weak and damaged hair rich in egg protein, biotin and blue agave. Or, Luminescence, a powder to foam hand and body polish derived from walnut shells, banana pulp powder and rosehip oil. 
All products are designed to help users switch to a healthy and clean beauty regimen. Advocating for this all-natural regimen, the brand goes above and beyond to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used in the process and that everything is created fresh by hand - just like in the old days when beauty was synonymous with health, wellness, and longevity. 
Navi believes self-care entails caring for the entire body, mind, and soul, in addition to merely the external appearance. She also has faith in the power of science and nature. The ingredients in Essentique products, a powerhouse of science and nature, are 100% natural, carefully developed, and free of any damaging or artificial chemicals or toxins.
All Essentique skin care, hair care, fragrances, and essential oil products are of the finest quality and effectiveness. Additionally, Navi tries to use vegan and certified organic bioactives whenever possible. She makes sure her products are sustainable and do not harm the environment in any way.
Many companies today market products that have yet to be thoroughly examined, thereby, misleading people and often making their problems worse with toxins. For her customers to enjoy her products to the fullest, Navi makes every effort and works closely with them to customize fresh and organic mixes that suit individual needs. Her “people and planet first” approach to beauty standards is truly changing the game and inspiring a mindset shift to discovering your inner and outer natural beauty.  
To learn more about her brand, click the link below: Essentique

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