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DEPHINI® – Rewriting the Rules of Fine Jewellery

DEPHINI® – Rewriting the Rules of Fine Jewellery

The fashion of accessories has seen a multitude of trends emerging and depleting in popularity for centuries.



But one thing has remained timeless. Fine jewellery is as relevant today as it was in Ancient Egypt, about 25,000 years ago.

While fast fashion may have made fashion more accessible to public, there are still areas where greater effort makes all the difference. Fine jewellery is definitely one of them. These valued pieces, made from pure ornamental elements like gold, diamond, silver, platinum, have unique value to them.

Fashion has majorly turned its focus towards minimalism, and fine jewellery trends also followed suit. Minimalism indeed saw your jewellery pieces getting thinner, lighter, and subtle. But it didn’t tarnish its charm, elegance, and supremacy over fashion pieces.

Fine jewellery has witnessed a legacy of keen designers, producing styles and themes helped earn its top spot. It may seem that there isn’t anything further to produce and designers in the past already pushed standards to the horizon. But recently, we turned our eyes towards a brand’s excellence in crafting timeless pieces.

DEPHINI® was founded in 2017 in London by Tomas Fekete and Mgr. Pavol Fekete. Since then, the brand has set the standard for creating exceptional pieces of jewellery using only the finest materials. Each piece from the brand is meticulously crafted to have sentimental significance, infused with genuine feelings of love. These works are impassioned, timeless, and awe-inspiring in their beauty.

DEPHINI® jewellery is crafted in 18-karat gold and Italian 925 sterling silver. Additionally, the brand's most recent collection includes a rose gold-plated selection. Additionally, the jewellery items are rhodium plated and feature cubic zirconia gems. Each component of a single item is meticulously crafted from premium materials.

Additionally, the firm uses cadmium-free metals and non-allergenic rhodium plating to ensure that the jewellery does not elicit allergic reactions in customers. Additionally, they take comfort in the fact that these jewellery items have a longer lifespan due to their specific anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion design.

Among its jewellery collections, the most elegant items include a crystal heart necklace and heart earrings. A heart-shaped pendant necklace crafted entirely of Italian 925 sterling silver. It features a sparkling cubic zircon crystal in the centre and outlined metal lines that form the heart shape. A matching pair of stud earrings is included to enhance the necklace's appeal. DEPHINI®'s pieces are a pure statement, adored and acclaimed by admirers worldwide. Additionally, it has been discussed in popular fashion publications such as British Vogue and Tatler.

The brand has stood firm in its dedication to the craft of designing excellent jewellery. They are ageless, and their selection includes something for every occasion imaginable. Additionally, these timeless pieces appear to be valuable heirlooms, gifts to loved ones, and a wonderful show of love for your mate. If you want to make a statement on any special event, these things are a must-have addition to your ensemble because they have the ability to bring out the best in your looks.

One of the most decorated pieces produced by the brand is a 18 carat Yellow Gold heart necklace, a luxury gift item for women. The heart symbol purely represents the subject of “love”, and it popularized and adored in our modern culture. The jewellery piece carries a powerful sentiment of love carried in a woman’s heart. It is personal, intimate, and symbolically brings some of the most beautiful memories of our life.

The 18-carat gold necklace has 75% of gold concentration. The rest of the piece is produced using durable alloys and materials which make it a practical, shiny, and durable piece. The gold chain is 45 centimetres long, providing just the right fit.

DEPHINI® has set the standard high with its products' strong sentimental value. Not only do their products on the internet store display strong principles of care and respect, but also their customer care, representation, and administration of purchase and after-sale services.

DEPHINI® also wants to expand into new markets following its success in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. The upscale business has attracted over 300,000 satisfied consumers with its beautiful and understated jewellery pieces.

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