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Celebrity beauty lines that have substance as well as style


18th May 2020 Fashion & Beauty

Celebrity beauty lines that have substance as well as style


In this age of social media influencers and Instagram stars, it is easy to become cynical about celebrity brands. However, it is a mistake to dismiss them out of hand. Sprinkled among the seemingly endless procession of Kardashian faux glam, there are some genuinely exciting brands and products lines out there brought to you by some genuinely exciting people. 

Here, we have sifted through the silt to find some nuggets of gold among the celebrity beauty products, looking especially at those who have placed the emphasis on natural ingredients.

Miranda Kerr (KORA Organics)

“Organic” is a word that tends to be thrown around like confetti at a Kardashian/West wedding these days. However, the entire range in model Miranda Kerr’s Kora line has been independently certified as organic and free from toxic ingredients. They are also vegan (except for two products that contain beeswax) and cruelty free. As Miranda herself puts it on the product’s website: “these products are not tested on animals, they are tested on me.”

Gwyneth Paltrow (Fleur Marche)

The CBD market is one that is growing exponentially. While many of the best-known brands like Canzon and Cibdol are based in Switzerland, there are also some celebrity brands popping up in the UK and US. One to watch out for is Fleur Marche, a subsidiary of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop empire. This CBD range primarily consists of skincare products and tinctures. According to co-founder Meredith Schroeder, it seeks to bring an air of sophistication to the CBD market.

Jessica Alba (Honest Beauty)

The American actress launched The Honest Company back in 2012, initially specialising in organic household and baby products. Today, the company is valued at more than a billion dollars, and has expanded into the beauty and skincare markets. Honest Beauty operates to a strict set of ethical standards in terms of transparency, natural product use and sustainability. You’ll find the full range in your local Boots. 

Drew Barrymore (Flower Beauty)

Most celebrity brands also tend to have celebrity price tags. But this beauty line from evergreen Hollywood favourite Drew Barrymore is a little different. It reflects the actress’s “girl next door” image by providing a quality range at a price any of us can afford. You might even have seen it on the shelves in Superdrug and not realised it is a celebrity brand. The face primer is probably the biggest seller, but the real treat is the foundation, which gives a finish that could put a product twice the price to shame. 

Jessica Hart (Luma)

With her trademark gap-toothed smile, Jessica Hart is all about keeping things natural, and that is reflected in her Luma line of cosmetics. The products themselves are all based on natural ingredients, but the theme also extends to their use. It’s definitely a line that accentuates the “less is more” approach, and Hart says her products are created to “give you the freedom and confidence to embrace and enhance your own natural beauty." 

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