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Caroline Scheufele Chopard’s Summer 2020 fashion wish list


20th Aug 2020 Fashion & Beauty

We all know that trends come and go and then come back again with a slight twist. Summer 2020 is no different except there is now one huge shift underway in the fashion industry: sustainability.

Caroline Scheufele, Creative Director of Swiss Jewellery Maison Chopard, takes a look at what to expect for Summer 2020.

As ever, there are a number of key pieces, colours and styles to adopt this season. Neon colours are back with a bang as are classic trench coats and short suits. Beautiful, floaty white dresses are to be your summer staple alongside a nod to the 70s with waistcoats of varied cuts and finishes. As ever, individuality is celebrated.

Jewellery is the finishing touch to any outfit and Chopard’s new collections offer a stunning range of options to add that extra sparkle to your ensemble.

Here, Caroline Scheufele talks you through some key trends for Summer 2020alongside the fashion industries goals and challenges of sustainability.

Trench coats

This is a classic fashion statement which comes back time and time again – each time with a little extra something. The trench coat is a practical option which never fails to deliver class and style.

This season try a brand new colour or fabric – vinyl baby pink might be a little harder to pull off than your traditional camel but, with the sunshine upon us, it’s time to maximise the fun and feel good factors.

Floaty white dresses

Packing for your summer break doesn’t get easier than this. Now is the time for ethereal, feminine gowns in the purest of whites. Silk, lace and intricate details have all been deployed on the catwalks this season so look for a piece with unique detailing to bring your wardrobe up to date.

Offering a characteristic style choice for lounging in the summer sun, this look is the perfect blank canvas for your personal choice of jewellery and accessories. This trend is perfect for evening garden parties with the ability to be dressed up as you see fit.

Chopard’s Happy Hearts collection is the perfect companion to this trend. With the combination of femininity and dashes of colour, this assortment of pieces will work effortlessly against such an angelic backdrop.

Neon colour

The bolder the better and it doesn’t get much bolder than neon. A certified statement, colours on acid are the fizzing explosions needed at this time of year. Any colour in the rainbow can be brought into this trendas long as it packs a punch.

Guaranteed to boost your look and your positivity levels, Caroline Scheufele suggests keeping the neon infusion to a key accessory or item of clothing. Too much is overpowering but just enough provides the perfect addedinvigoration sure to brighten up even an overcast day – think fuchsia, lime green and yellow to get you started and don’t be afraid to branch out and be brave.

Jewellery wise, neon provides the ultimate power base. Both gold and silver work well, so it’s up to you to decide how loudly you want your outfit to shout! For the ultimate combination, try Chopard’s l’Heure du Diamant collection – the sheer luxury cuts through the neon with ease and aplomb – truly next level.

Short suits

Not for the faint of heart, suits with shorts instead of trousers or skirts are the new potential additions to our work wardrobe. Ranging in styles from cut below the knee, to higher hems, this progression on tailoring is a step forward for SS20.

Channelling a fresh energy like this requires confidence. Your choice of colours and fabrics could make or break this look – if in doubt, keep it classic and simple. A traditional watch such as the Chopard Imperiale leaves no room for doubt that you mean business.


A fun addition to manyanoutfit, a waistcoat is the ultimate throw on with maximum versatility. Think 70s, boho chic to begin with – but feel free to diversify the look into workwear with sharp tailoring or evening additions with shimmering jewels and embellishments.

The cut of your cloth depends on your inspiration. What look are you emulating? Keep it playful with a slight androgynous feel if you’re unsure. A tighter cut with a simple, classic white shirt and wide cut trousers won’t fail to impress. Worn alongside a selection of elegant jewellery additions such as Chopard & Caroline Scheufele Happy Hearts necklaces and bracelets, your nod to this trend can’t fail to go unnoticed.

Sustainable fashion

As previously mentioned, the buzzword for Summer 2020 is sustainability. What are your favourite brands doing to keep their production line and collections in check? You should be questioning any brand who is less than transparent.

How green is your catwalk? How sustainable is your brand’s vision? How renewable are your products? These are the questions on every savvy consumer’s lips as this famously ‘dirty’ industry steps up to meet the challenges of the current environmental situation.

At Chopard, Caroline Scheufele is only too aware of the need for fashion houses to be wise to these issues. Not least for protecting our planet but also for holding consumer’s fleeting attention spans and persuading them to invest in luxury goods which deliver on sustainable value.

At the 2018 Baselworld Ethical Gold Symposium, it was announced that from that point on, Chopard would only use 100% ethically sourced gold in all of their watches and jewellery. This announcement came alongside a commitment to measure the impact of their own manufacturing process against the UN Global Goals for sustainable development.

Alongside their use of ethical gold, Caroline Scheufele and Chopard also confirm that all production lines and raw materials will be certified as ethically produced – for example their use of leather in handbags and materials sources for their luxury eyewear.

Chopard is dedicated to driving sustainability in fashion, this will never go out of style and should be on everyone’s wish list.

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