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BYONIK Laser facial: Tried and tested

BYONIK Laser facial: Tried and tested

Claiming to be a gentle and deeply penetrating alternative to previous laser facial treatments, we put the BYONIK laser treatment to the test. 

I have extremely sensitive skin, so just the words "laser" and "facial" in the same sentence is enough to make me nervous. But stepping into my BYONIK treatment clinic, I needn't have worried. I'm quickly informed that this low-level laser therapy works with directed photon absorption and not the photothermal damage associated with other laser facial treatments, so it doesn't rely on a thermal or trauma injury in order to achieve results. 

In fact, the treatment is billed as completely pain-free and requires no downtime, meaning I was able to squeeze it into my lunch break and avoid returning to the office red-faced. I'd recently been struggling with scarring brought on by acne and eczema breakouts as well as dull, dry skin and was hopeful that the lasers would combat this as well as fine lines and other signs of ageing. 


How does it work?

Triggered by the client's heartbeat, pulse-synchronised lasers are placed over the skin to stimulate cell metabolism and attempt to reverse signs of ageing in the skin. 

According to BYON|K's own press materials, the facial is a  "three-step procedure to ‘power-up’ each individual skin cell, maximising the skin’s regenerative capacity and slowing down the cellular ageing process. The skin cells are activated when they receive the treatment, stimulating collagen and elastin production and enhancing the skin’s microcirculation. At the same time, the specialised combination of BYONIK HA Gels with antioxidants are absorbed into the skin. The antioxidants travel into the cells themselves and the HA is integrated into the cellular matrix."


The treatment

BYONIK laser treatment

Arriving at the Cosmesurge Harley Street clinic I was immediately put at ease. Attending a facial at an aesthetic clinic rather than your regular beauty salon added a sense of calm to proceedings. Relaxing music played as I filled in the required safety information, and my clinician talked me slowly through the procedure, ensuring I was completely relaxed before we began the treatment. 

The procedure took 45 minutes in all and included cleanser, a mask, an enzyme peel and BYONIK's signature deeply penetrating hyaluronic acid gel treatment. In between, special sunglasses would be placed over my eyes as the lasers were moved across my skin. 

While the application of skincare elements was exactly as I expected—soothing, beautiful smelling products applied with care, and a calming hot towel removal at each stage—I was surprised just how relaxing the laser aspect of BYONIK was. 

Bright flashing lights still lit up my eyelids despite the sunglasses—something I was told was completely normal—and the patterns of laser light synching with my heartbeat soon lulled me into an almost meditative state. I enjoyed the gentle heat of the lights, which was designed to match with my body temperature, so much so that I was surprised to find I felt disappointed each laser section couldn't last for longer. 

By the end of the treatment, my skin had taken on a cloud-like feeling it had never had before, plumped from the saturation of the hyaluronic acid gel. Even my lips appeared poutier, as my face took on an instantly more youthful appearance, no doubt down to the stimulation of collagen production. The sensation was the same as when you take a long drink of water after hours without refreshment. I could feel my skin lapping up the goodness of the treatment. It was a struggle to resist touching my face for the rest of the day, just to enjoy the newly imbibed bouncy quality to my skin. 


The results

before and after BYONIK laser

I was disappointed after the treatment that although my skin looked plumped and refreshed, there was no immediate reduction of my red marks and acne scarring. However, the next day the redness seemed to have faded somewhat, and I received compliments on my complexion from colleagues who weren't aware of my treatment the day before. 

Overall, the sense of renewed and revitalised skin left me impressed. Many clients decide to embark on a course of BYONIK treatments for even more long-lasting effects, and with results like this after just one session, it's easy to see why.

For those of us who don't have the budget to make BYONIK a regular part of our skincare regime (prices start from £250), however, it does serve as a remarkable booster treatment, when you're in something of a skincare rut. For a week afterwards, my regular products continued to feel more effective, as though their effects were being felt more deeply in the skin than before, and I definitely did notice a long-lasting plumping of the skin in areas where I typically showed signs of ageing. 


This treatment was provided by Cosmesurge Harley Street for the purposes of this article. BYONIK facials with Cosmesurge can be booked through their website. A full list of their nationwide clinics can be viewed here

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