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A guide to buying eyewear online

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A guide to buying eyewear online
The typical approach to buying glasses goes like this; you show up to your appointment, get tested, pick a pair of frames that suit you, order your new prescription glasses in the store, and pick them up a few days later. 
Some people have gotten savvy enough to shop around, for the best deal on the same frames, but buying eyewear online is still a daunting prospect. Here is a definitive guide to buying your next pair of glasses - without having to visit the shop.

Have your prescription to hand

It goes without saying, but you’ll need to know your prescription when buying prescription lenses. You will also likely need your pupillary distance (PD) measurement when ordering online - frequently now in opticians, they use a tablet to measure this by taking a picture, and you can find guides on how to measure this so you know it when ordering. 

Find your preferred styles

You may have a style you always go for or have tried on a pair of sunglasses at GlassesUSA in the shops that you’re looking to buy online for a better price. There are many guides on face shapes and glasses styles but go for something classic and timeless that will last you longer than just a moment in fashion. Opting for a classic pair of sunglasses can ensure your choice remains stylish and functional, providing UV protection and a fashionable accessory for any outfit.
If you want to have the freedom of choice that you’d have in-store then use a site to buy your glasses that has a wide range of frames, like this range of men’s glasses, that spans both designer and affordable, for guys and girls alike.

Virtually try them on

Many digital eyewear retailers now have the facility to let you try on your chosen frames virtually, using your webcam. By taking a short video of you moving your face side to side, they can then place the frames over your face and show you what you’d look like to try before you buy.

Order your lenses

When putting in your prescription data, check what you’re getting with your lenses. Generally, most online eyewear providers will offer some lens coatings with your purchase for no extra cost - but always be sure to check what you’re getting complimentary and what you’re paying extra for. There are three types that come as standard on new lenses;
  • Antiscratch coating
  • Antiglare coating
  • UV protection
If you have to pay extra for these coatings, then consider which ones are worth the investment for you, your lifestyle and your eye health.
Double and triple check your data is typed in correctly when inputting your prescription, or else the next tip may apply to you…

Check the returns policy

There’s always a small chance that you may need to return the glasses, for whatever reason - maybe they’re uncomfortable, or the leg length is too long and you need it altered, or your frames just don’t suit you and you don’t feel right in them. 
You’re going to spend a lot of time with these specs, so it’s good to make sure all bases are covered. Always check the returns policy before you order your new prescription glasses, to ensure you know what you are and are not allowed to do when it comes to asking for a refund. 
Buying glasses online can be just as easy and often cheaper than in-store purchases, we hope you find the best deal with this guide and your new frames are everything you imagined.
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