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9 Beauty products you need to try this summer

9 Beauty products you need to try this summer

From miraculous moisturisers to wondrous lifting wands—these are the beauty products you need to try this summer 

Hydrating elixir by Kivu, £101


In the market for a new serum? We are head over heels for this hydrating elixir from the dermatologist-led luxury brand, Kivu. Created by Harley Street dermatologist Dr Benedetta Brazzini, their products are a combination of age-old traditions (like the incorporation of helix aspersa, or—that's right—snail secretion, which is known for its long-standing skin benefits thanks to elastin, collagen, vitamins and proteins it contains) with new scientific research-based methods.

Featuring simple and elegant packaging, this serum is a lightweight, non-greasy solution to inflamed, irritated skin, leaving it refreshed, revitalised and perfectly glowing.

The price tag might be on the hefty side, but, fortunately, just a small amount of this product goes a long way, with just one pump on the face confidently lasting throughout the entire day.


Intensive hydration serum by Freyaluna, £48


In need of something more intense? Experience the power of nature with this handmade, sustainable and cruelty free, targeted facial serum which is the perfect solution to very dry, dehydrated or mature skin. It’s a heavy-duty product that really goes to work on areas that are in some serious need of nourishment. The consistency is smooth, rich, non-oily and easy to apply and work into the areas you’re targeting.

Freyaluna being a natural, botanical brand, the serum has a distinctive but pleasant herbal aroma, and contains rosehip seed oil, strengthening carrot seed, avocado oil to protect, neroli to improve elasticity, plus a blend of other herbs and flowers. Delightful!


Hydra-cream light by Embryolisse, £18


By now, Embryolisse have become somewhat of a universal cult classic. Formulated by a doctor in the 1950s, and sold by pharmacies for over 65 years, it is now beloved and recommended by dermatologists, chemists, and makeup artists alike. And who are we to argue?

You'll love this ultra-lightweight, fresh, and deeply moisturising cream; it gets absorbed within seconds, doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy and the hydrating effect lasts all day long.

It is also incredibly versatile, suitable for both younger and older skin, and meets the demands of most skin types. Due to its lightweight consistency and non-greasiness, it also works wonders as a primer for your foundation. 


SOS H2O Day Cream SPF 30 by SOS Serum, from £15


Coming from a UK brand designed to help nourish sensitive skin, this humble but potent moisturiser will please anyone looking for a non-greasy, readily absorbed and deeply hydrating cream at an affordable price.

With its non-pretentious but highly practical design (a satisfyingly wide, thumb-sized pump that dispenses the perfect amount of cream at a push), an ingredient list free from parabens and mineral oils as well as the added benefit of protection from the sun, it is a highly versatile, all-round winner in our books.


Deeply Dreamy Night Cream by Look Fabulous Forever, £40


Look Fabulous Forever is an infectiously positive, empowering beauty brand for mature women, founded by Tricia Cusden at 65—so you know it was created by someone with a real understanding of and passion for enhancing the beauty in older faces.

Our favourite product? The Deeply Dreamy Night Cream that can only be described as pure pleasure in a (luxuriously designed) container. Though it may look a bit thick and putty-like when you unscrew the lid, you’ll be astonished by its supple, airy texture as soon as the product touches your skin. It’s a lightweight, refreshing product that’ll ensure your skin is nourished and dewy in the morning. It’ll look great on your bathroom shelf too!


FRESH cleanser by Ringana, £19.91


This gentle, subtly-scented cleansing milk is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an incredibly delicate, natural product that will work wonders for even the most sensitive skin. With its fresh, pleasantly grassy fragrance, soft and light consistency and thorough cleansing properties, it is bound to become your go-to product for everyday use.

As with the rest of Ringana’s product range, the packaging is a true feast for the eyes: beautifully minimalist and stylish, the products arrive in smooth, recyclable glass vials, wrapped in organic cotton hand towels—making it a perfect gift option, too.


Environ Focus Care Youth+ Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque by Environ, £58


This exciting product from the scientific skincare brand Environ vows to assist in youth-enhancing benefits, and delivers tangible results in a short period of time. An invigorating, fragrance-free face mask, it contains a trilogy of specifically selected ingredients—Lactic Acid, Asiatic Acid and Mandelic Acid‑which together help in creating a younger-looking skin that feels firmer and more radiant.

It's a powerful product that requires a gradual tolerance build up due to its potent Alpha Hydroxy Acids, but can eventually be applied every evening—and the result are so worth it. Comes with a fabulous brush for easy application too.


The lifting wand by Crystal Clear Skincare, £99.99


Treat yourself to a salon-quality facial at home with this luxurious lifting wand. Beautifully designed yet compact, it will add a touch of chic to your bathroom shelf without taking up too much space.

As for the effects—they’re magic! In just 60 seconds, your face is instantly enhanced: lines are visibly smoothed, under-eye bags de-puffed, upper brow firmed and lifted, and your skin is left looking dewy and fresh. It’s the perfect antidote to a bad night’s sleep, when you need a quick injection of freshness before heading out the door; or just want your skin looking extra glowing on a special day—the wand will quickly become your trusty beauty sidekick.

Just unscrew the rollerball head, pump a few drops of the pharma grade hyaluronic serum, reattach, turn on, and it’s ready to go! Easy as pie. For an extra cooling effect, keep the serum in the fridge.


Hair removal laser 4X by Tria Beauty, £299


Fed up with waxing and shaving but can’t afford laser hair removal treatment at a salon? Well, now you have the option to do it yourself thanks to Tria’s hair removal laser—the first clinically proven laser available for home use. The product uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists to target and permanently disable the hair follicle to stop hair growth for permanent results. 

With a large screen display and just a few straightforward settings to keep in mind, the laser is light and cordless so you can bring it with you anywhere you go. You’ll start seeing a difference after just a few sessions, though it’ll take roughly three months of using the device every two weeks to permanently rid of unwanted hair.

You can use it on your face, legs, bikini line and underarms, on brown or black body hair. Unfortunately, the laser is not safe to use on darker skin tones though, due to a higher risk of injury because of higher levels of melanin in the skin.


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