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8 Great hair dryers for personal styling


8th Nov 2023 Fashion & Beauty

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8 Great hair dryers for personal styling
These are a few top choices for efficient hair dryers to use for drying and styling on a regular basis
Drying your hair after a shower is such a regular and common occurrence that you may not think about it, but it does form a fundamental part of regular hair styling and care.
Hair dryers themselves can vary in size and shape, coming in a few different types, from infrared to ionic, which will change how they affect your hair. Here are some great choices to keep your locks looking balanced, healthy and beautiful.

TREsemmé hair dryer gift set

TREsemmé hair dryer
This hair dryer forms part of a gift set, also coming with a diffuser dryer, paddle brush and hair rollers. The hair dryer itself comes in a black and gold finish, with 2200W of power, three heat and speed settings and ionic heating to combat hair frizz.
Power: 2200W

BaByliss elegance hair dryer

BaByliss elegance hair dryer
BaByliss elegance hair dryer feels aptly named, as it has a sleek and stylish design to it, coming in either rose gold or silver. The device comes with advanced airflow technology for effective drying, as well as a simple power switch and variable heat and speed settings on its side.
Power: 2100W

Wadodo ionic hair dryer

Wadodo hair dryer
For fast, low-noise hair drying, this device is a great choice as it has an AC motor that provides it with strong, consistent air flow to help reduce hair branching and improve shine.
Thie dryer comes with two different nozzles and a diffuser to aid with hair styling. Plus with a ceramic build and a constant temperature, you can avoid overheating and unintentional damage to your hair.
Power: 2200W

Panasonic EH-NE83 hair dryer

Panasonic EH-NE73 hair dryer
This ionic Panasonic hair dryer is great for fast and effective hair drying, powered by 2500W of power that provides strong air flow.
It also features a heat protection mode to protect your hair and scalp from heat damage, meanwhile ionic conditioning helps to battle frizz and maintain a vibrant, healthy look.
Power: 2500W

HappyGoo hair dryer

HappyGoo hairdryer
The HappyGoo hair dryer has two speed settings and three heat settings respectively. It also comes with a diffuser and a concentrator comb for using on both curly and straight hair.
Powered by an AC motor, you’ll also get longer lifetime use with it.
Power: 2400W

Casamaa hair dryer

Casamaa hair dryer
Coming with a powerful motor, this hair dryer is great for quick and effective hair drying and styling. Also included are three different nozzles for specific styling, varying from straight to curly and fluffy hair.
Conveniently, you can control the hot air flow with one button and you can hang up the dryer with a hook on the back when it’s not in use.
Power: 2000W

Parwin pro beauty hair dryer

Parwin Pro beauty hair dryer
Made from ceramic and powered by a brushless motor, this hair dryer comes with an all-blue finish with gold detailing. It’s an ionic device that comes with an LED light display and a handy self-cleaning function to clean dirt from its interior.
Power: 2000W

Dyson Airwrap complete multi-styler hair dryer

Dyson Airwrap complete hair dryer
Dyson’s popular Airwrap hair stylers are multi-purpose—they’re perfect for drying and styling hair simultaneously. The device uses the Coanda effect to curve and wrap hair around its barrel for active styling.
The Airwrap is powered by the Dyson digital motor V9 and has intelligent heat control to achieve effective styling, curls and waves without extreme heat.
Power: 1300W
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