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7 Fashionable ways to plait your hair


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

7 Fashionable ways to plait your hair

Plaiting your hair is a total must for that festival girl or barefoot bohemian look. It's not just for the hippies among us anymore though; plaits have become so fashionable that they're worked into looks for the office, a day at the beach or even a nightclub. If you want to get involved with the plaiting trend, here are seven ways you can:

1. Fishtail plait


It would be wrong to start this blog post with anything other than the fishtail plait. This plait rose to popularity a couple of years back and everyone who was anyone was styling it out. People had to watch YouTube video after YouTube video until they finally figured it out. 

2. Inverted plaited fringe

This look is kind of a twist on the style of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, but with just one plait sweeping right across the face. Ideally, you would need to have a side fringe to be able to put this plait into practice, but it's always worth a try if you don't. 

3. Plaited crown


This would look just beautiful for a summer wedding, whether you're a guest or the bride herself! Two plaits are made on the sides of the head, then swept around the back of the head and secured with bobby pins to create a beautiful plaited crown. 

4. Waterfall plait


This is a really lovely plait that will have everyone convinced that you're a beauty guru or hair styling genius if you manage to master it. According to our sources, it's not so tricky! The draping strands of hair really do give a gorgeous waterfall effect which works best with poker straight hair. 

5. Alternative plait

This plait is probably the most interesting look going. It's a pretty individual plait - hence the name alternative - because there isn't actually much of a plaiting technique required to style it. This is more of a twisting motion, pulling and twisting strands of hair through each other to get this rough around the edges end result. Apparently, it's great for girls with layers!

6. Plaited ponytail


You can take that to mean two things, either a ponytail that literally is a plait or a ponytail that incorporates a smaller plait - we're talking about the latter. This is a look that's seen on the red carpet an awful lot because it's so cute but with a good dose of formality, that's also what makes it absolutely perfect for the office.

7. Bohemian twist

This is the look you need if you're heading out to festivals this summer. It looks so great on girls with wavier hair, and is similar to the plaited crown but with more plait on show from the front. We just love it!

We hope you enjoyed this list! Remember, if you want to see detailed instructions on how to do any of these plaits, just Google the name of the plait or search for it on YouTube to find all the info you'll need!