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6 Tips to Dress Up for Prom


5th Feb 2019 Fashion & Beauty

With warm weather and the school year reaching its end, its time you prepare for the biggest event of underclassmen. It’s a chance for you to get dressed, go out on a fancy dinner and get your snaps done with your friends. Boys can suffice with a rented tuxedo, but girls tend to think more about their outfit.

Give it a Rest

You need to give yourself enough time. The prom season can be hectic, and it might take some time to finalise fitting and alteration. So, it' simportant you start early to assure there is ample room to make the necessary changes. Don’t start dress hunting at the last minute.

Pick a Dress that’s Larger

You need to pick a dress that it a size larger than normal. It's important you have enough fabric and other material to make the necessary alternations. Every tailor agrees to the fact it easy make a dress smaller than larger. The closer you get to a perfect fit before alterations, the better.

Try on As Many Dresses as You Can

Prom Dresses come in several shapes; you need to try on as many as you can in a variety of styles. You need to evaluate a dress after wearing it, not while it is on a hanger. Otherwise, chances are you will fall in love with a dress that you will never wear. 

Consider Your Body Type

We come in all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful. Make sure your dess is made to fit yourt body type. Find a style that will make the best of your assets - whatever they may be. It'simportant you do some research before heading into the market. 

Get Help with choosing your prom dress

If needed, bring along help to shop for the dress. Get a trusted friend or family member alongside you. They will help you pick the dress that looks best on you according to your body type. Don’t forget to bring along your shoes, and undergarments. 
You need specific pieces of clothing and accessories to improve the fit of the dress. So, it’s imperative you bring all these pieces along when hunting for the perfect dress for your prom. 

Try Something Simple

If you don’t know where to start from, the internet can help you. So, take your research online to find a traditional or old-school prom dress that won'tcost you much. Take your search online will also help your case in case your Prom has a theme. 
Online stores like JJ’s House have an impressive range.

Don’t Forget to Accessorise your prom outfit

Accessories are very important no matter the event. Finding the right accessories to go with your prom dress can be a challenge. Most stores offer prom deals to help you find and save money on dress and accessories combo. So, do a bit of research before finalising your options. 
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