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6 men's accessories that will never go out of fashion


22nd Sep 2019 Fashion & Beauty

6 men's accessories that will never go out of fashion

You may be among the group of men who think that fashion accessories are just a waste of money, but now is the time to think again. Wearing the right accessories to complement your clothing can give your look an edge without breaking the bank or meaning hours spent shopping. In fact, most classic accessory items you may already have in your wardrobe. Check out our list below for the key men's accessories that will never go out of style.

1. Leather Belt

This is a must have wardrobe staple for most men. However, many men don’t realise it and tend to forget about replacing their belts whenever they become worn - for example - when they get a wrinkled back, has gone warped or discolored. A decent belt doesn’t only hold your trousers in place, but it also gives you a stylish look 'put together' look. The belt reviews in Groom+Style will give you some new ideas if you are looking at investing in some new leather belts. Consider choosing black or brown leather belts with classic and subtle buckles in metallic tones to complement your clothes well.

2. Sunglasses

It can do men more favours than just protecting their eyes from the sun. It does a great job in hiding any dark circles and can instantly make your outfit and look feel more glamourous. Though popular styles may have changed over the years it's still worth investing in a good pair of classic, quality sunglasses. You may want to consider tortoiseshell or black frames with dark green, brown, or black lenses.

3. Stainless Steel Watch


A stainless steel watch is a man’s accessory that is not only a great buy for yourself but also one that can last a lifetime and beyond by handing it down the generations of your family to your son or grandson, nephew etc. You can use a stainless steel timepiece and pair it with any look - for example - wear it in combination with a shirt and jeans or a stylish tux and it would add equal style to the outfit. Find more info here.

4. Baseball Cap

Although a baseball cap was made as sportswear originally, it has become an essential and classic item for men’s fashion. Many artists have brought it into pop culture and it has become a popular item to have for many young men. It is also convenient as it can save men a lot of time fixing their hair and if they are having a bad hair day then they can just slip on a  baseball cap to hide it.

5. Billfold Wallet

Despite the big decline in the use of cash these days, the billfold wallet is still an essential accessory for most men. The leather version of a billfold wallet had been designed in a way that it will age perfectly and will look great even when it looks worn.

6. Ties

Most people think of ties as only for office wear. Ties can easily be worn in a casual setting though. Keep the conservative silk ties for business meetings. Experiment with rougher textures or interesting patterns for more casual wear. Wool knit ties are always an interesting choice when you want to dress up, but still have fun with what you’re wearing.

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