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50 Reusable face coverings for every style

50 Reusable face coverings for every style

Compulsory in many shops, workplaces and now schools, face coverings have become the unlikely fashion-must have of 2020 so why not make a statement while your protect others?

There are very few brands not getting in on a slice of the profitable action, and although the key priority is obviously a covering that does the job, there is certainly no harm in choosing one that feels comfortable, durable and stylish to wear.   

Whether you’re a fan of florals, have a penchant for plaid or seek something sportier, our gallery of 50 of our favourite designs is guaranteed to offer something for everyone.  


1. Adidas, £12.99

adidas 12.99.jpg

Keep it sporty with Adidas iconic "blue bird" design, made with at least 40% recycled materials.  


2. Aggi, £13

aggi 13.jpeg

A double-layered design in viscose makes this spotty number a comfy fit.


3. Alpha Industries, £12.90

alpha industries 12.90.jpg

Bring the outdoors safely in with Alpha Industries camo design.


4. Anywear Set, £35

anywear hijabi set 35.jpg

Championed by model Halima Aden, these beautifully neutral sets are a hit amongst frontline-working Hijabi-wearers.  


5. Artisans and adventurers, £10

artisans and adventures 10.jpg

This stunning Ankara fabric makes a beautiful statement.


6. Baggu, £30 for three

baggu face mask set 30.jpg

This adjustable set of masks is made from 100% organic quilters cotton, perfect for adults and older children.  


7. Bebek Jewels, £30

bebek jewels 30.jpeg

This fashion-forward number will suit any trendsetter’s wardrobe.  


8. Boden, £20 for three

boden 3 pack 20.jpg

Making use of their signature prints, this Boden three-pack contains a ‘mystery mix’ of styles. 


9. Breathe And Protect,  £17

breathe and protect 17.jpg

Fit with two replaceable activated carbon filter, this durable number helps clean the air your breathe without trapping excess moisture.  


10. Brora, £19

brora 19.png

Transition into autumn with Brora’s whimsical woodland design—£10 of each sale is donated to charities supporting those affected by COVID-19.  


11. Brunna, £26

brunna.co 26.jpeg

This vibrant Brunna design won’t get lost in the wash. 



comfyfacemask etsy 6.69.jpg

Enjoy a well-fitting, budget-friendly number handmade in Manchester.  


13.Comic Relife X Sir Peter Blake, £9.99 for three

comic relief sir peter blake 9.99.jpg

Support families in the UK and abroad with this charitable Comic Relief pack, designed by the legendary Sir Peter Blake.  


14. Cynthia Rowley, £24

cynthia rowley 24.jpg

This botanical print is the perfect companion to the last of 2020’s summer dresses. 


15. Erdem, £140

erdem 140 for three.jpg

Take protection to the highest end with this luxury set of three overstock fabrics from Erdem’s AW20 collection, presented in a keepsake pouch.  


16. Ezmask (ETSY), £7.99

ezmask etsy 7.99.jpg

Minimalists rejoice—these designs are available in a multitude of muted tones.  


17. Glossybox, £7.99

glossybox 7.99.jpg

Stock up on your masks and make-up in the same trip with Glossybox – what better time for a statement eye?  


18. Great British Designers, £30 for five

great british designers bundle 30.jpg

Celebrate the best of British with this collaboration range including designs by Mulberry, Rixo and Julien MacDonald, with 100 per cent of profits split between three charities.  


19. Harem London, £42

harem london 42.jpg

Simple but effective, Harem London’s design is made from 100 per cent cotton.  


20. Hill And Friends, £19.95

hill and friends 19.95.jpg

Show the world your smile with this happy face design 


21. Julian Clancy, £76

julian clancy 76.jpeg

Keep it kitsch with Julian Clancy’s statement sequin design.


22. KOMODO, £12

komodo check face mask 12.jpg

Adjustable ear toggles keep this Komodo mask on and comfortable for longer periods of time.


23. Kurt Geiger,  £15

kurt gieger 15.jpg

With the ‘We Are One’ mask, Kurt Geiger offers 100% of profits to NHS Charities Together.  


24. LA DOUBLE J, £25 dor three

la double j 25 for three.jpg

Made in Italy, these “mood-boosting” prints will put a spring in your step.  


25. Little Mistress X Kindred, £15 for three

little mistress x kindred face masks, £19 for three charity.jpg

Show your appreciation to the NHS by getting involved in Little Mistress’s bid to raise £5 million for charitable funds.   


26. Luisa Cerano, £22 for 2

luisa cerano 22.jpg

Switch between pattern and print with this feminine two-pack 


27. MAJE, £19

maje 19.jpg

Team this animal-print mask with soft denim for a transitional summer-autumn look.  


28. Marks And Spencer, £9.50 for £5

marks and spencer 9.50.jpg

Marks & Sparks come up trumps with this excellent-value antibacterial five-pack.  


29. Masked With A Smile (Etsy), £13.69

masked with a smile 13.69 etsy.jpg

For those who rely on lip-reading, this clear panel mask is both safe and innovative.  


30. Mimi & Lula, £10

mimi and lula 10.jpg

Add a pop of fun to any outfit with this monochromatic spot design. 


31. Mulberry, £45 

mulberry 45.png

Evoke luxury with Mulberry’s flagship print on silk.


32. Needle & Thread, £15 for two

needle and thread 15.jpg

Ying and Yang florals that won’t break the bank.


33. Newt London, £15

newt london 15.jpg

Embrace modern art with Newt London’s bold cutout blooms.


34. Nojo by the workshop, £14.99

nojo 14.99.jpg

Upcycled cotton twill makes Nojo a hardwearing option.


35.OCEANUS, £55

oceanus 55.jpg

This bejewelled mask is perfect for socially distanced formal occasions  


36. Pearl Lowe, £30

pearl lowe 30.jpg

These double-lined, handwash-only masks make great use of some classic liberty prints.  


37. Petits Armourai (ETSY), £8.83

petitsamourai, etsy 8.83.jpg

This retro-inspired print is youthful without being childish.


38. Plumo, £10

plumo 10.jpg

For when only plain will do, Plumo’s masks are made from four layers or organic linen.  


39. Poppy & Sage, £12

poppy and sage 12.jpeg

Make up (a little) for your cancelled tropical holiday with this chic palm-print design. 


40. Profound, £22

profound 22.jpg

This deep floral is just as deep inside—three layers with activated carbon and filters to improve protection.  


41. Rixo, £26

rixo 26.jpg

Fashion favourite Rixo delivers a pretty bow-tie design that can be secured in a multitude of ways. 


42. Rowing Blazers, £25

rowingblazers 25.jpg

Take to the regatta in style with Rowing Blazers Rugby-inspired stripes.  


43. Savile Row Company, £9.95

saville row company £9.95.jpg

Team your officewear with this perfect pinstripe mask from the iconic tailoring brand.  


44. Scotch & Soda, £9

scotch and soda 9.jpg

Even behind a mask, this design will do all the talking.  


45. Slip, £39

slip look fantastic mulberry silk 39.jpg

Carry an air of boudoir fantasy with this elegant mask made entirely from mulberry silk.  


46. So Just Shop, £10 

so just shop 10.png

Made in Bangladesh, these ethically-produced, fair trade masks made good use of waste fabric offcuts. 


47. Sonia Carrasco, £67

sonia carrasco zero waste 67.jpg

High-end designer Sonia Carrasco also minimises waste, making her sleek masks from offcuts from her recent ready-to-wear collection.  


48. The Mighty Company, £19

the mighty company 19.jpg

Channel your inner superhero with this quirky design that layers glitter stretch nylon atop a soft antimicrobial lining.  


49. Two Third, £11.20

two third 11.20.jpg

Fans of graphic design will enjoy this scandi-inspired covering 


50. Valle & Vik, £35

valle and vik silk 35.jpg

Team this lively silk mask with a colour-clashing scrunchie for ultimate 2020 accessorising.  


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