50 Fashionable and useful festival essentials

Jenessa Williams 7 June 2022

With festival season back in swing for 2022, Jenessa Williams provides the ultimate list of festival essentials that are both fashionable and functional

After two years of cancelled weekends and tentative pilot events, festival season is finally back in full swing for 2022. Whether you’re into music or comedy, wellness or food, there is likely to be a whole host of day and camping events that can accommodate your interests, reacquainting us all with the great outdoors.  

After so long off, it might be tricky to remember what to pack, or how one toes the line between a stylish festival outfit that is still practical in the advent of classically British weather. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, our shopping list may provide some inspiration. See you in the fields!

All the festival fundamentals

Joanie music-themed sweater

Keep warm when the sun goes down with a Joanie musical-themed sweatshirt (£20) 

colourful camping backpack from Next

This colourful camping backpack from Next will fit all your essentials and leave your hands free (£48) 

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is now a way of life; Amberclean’s cocktail-themed version connects conveniently to your handbag (£1.99) 

Jileon’s welly boots

Jileon’s welly boots are specially designed to accommodate thicker calves (£44.99) 

Soft welly liners

Soft welly liners will also help to avoid any welly-rub against your skin (Next, £12) 

Barry M’s Body Glitter

Barry M’s Body Glitter is biodegradable—perfect for eco-friendly fun (£4.49) 

Finnistere’s breathable, sustainable raincoat

Whatever the weather forecast, a decent raincoat is a must. Finnistere’s breathable, sustainable version fits the bill for many festival seasons to come (£110) 

eco-soap wash

Even biodegradable baby wipes can do harm to the planet. Swap our your daily clean for a flannel and eco-soap wash; still convenient, but less waste (£4.50) 

Ajouter scarf (£14.99) 

Hair looking a little greasy a few days in? Tie it back in an Ajouter scarf (£14.99) 

The White Stuff’s crossbody bag is the perfect size for your arena essentials (£25) 

The White Stuff’s crossbody bag is the perfect size for your arena essentials (£25) 

Clad in fashion-forward checks, Outwell’s sleeping bag will keep you cosy at night (£70)

Clad in fashion-forward checks, Outwell’s sleeping bag will keep you cosy at night (£70) 

Tu clothing summer dress

Tu clothing offer a great range of summer dresses that are the perfect length for wellies; just add tights and a jacket if the weather isn’t on your side (£20) 

Quay heart sunglasses

Make heart-eyes at your favourite band with Quay sunglasses (£39) 

Rainkiss pack down poncho

Rainkiss’s pack-down poncho adds a punch to any outfit (£69) 

Jaxon and Jam bucket hat

Keep sun and wind away with a Jaxon & James fisherman hat (£16.95) 

fold-down trolley

Lugging lots of camping gear? Pack it onto a handy fold-down trolley for easier transportation (blacks, £14.99) 

Vegan wellies

Tretorn’s vegan wellies are much lighter than a traditional design, a happy companion for a lightly muddy event (£55) 

Bamboo toothbrush

For those who don’t want to lug electrical versions to a festival, the bamboo truthbrush is a great eco alternative (£4.50) 

70s style shorts

70s style shorts from And Other Stories can be styled in a multitude of ways (£55) 

Foamie dry shampoo

Foamie’s dry shampoo adds a delicious raspberry scent to blonde and light hair (£4.00) 


To recover from a night of partying, add a Berocca into your breakfast routine (£5) 

Old Skool Woodstock tee

Embrace festival history with a vintage-style Woodstock tee (Old Skool Hooligans, £17.99) 

Loop earplugs

Loop’s cleverly designed earbuds reduce dangerous decibel levels while still allowing you to enjoy the music (£30) 


Close-fitting, quality leggings from Dharma Bums are perfect for sleeping and running around a festival in (£62) 

Powerbank charger

Keep your phone topped up with a Cath Kidston powerbank charger (£15) 

Mystery Ranch crossbody bag

For those who like to travel prepared, the Mystery Ranch crossbody bag has plenty of room without getting in the way of your dancing (£67) 

Boots first aid kit

A mini first aid kit from Boots is a useful item to keep to hand (£12.99) 

Levis hoodie

Add a pop of colour with this bold Levi's hoodie (£60) 

Trespass folding stool

A Trespass folding stool is a great antidote to tired legs (£9.99) 

Crochet dress

Warehouse’s crochet dress gives off Coachella-cool without flashing too much flesh (£30) 

Stojo collapsible water bottle

Minimise festival waste with a collapsible Stojo bottle (£15) 

Fat Face scarf

Fat Face’s soft scarf can double up as a pillow in a pinch (£33) 

Superdry cargo pants

Ditch the bag and go adventuring in Superdry’s cargo pants; there’s enough room in the pockets for your ticket, phone and wallet (£54.99) 


Even in British climates, suncream is a must. Evy’s mousse formula is non-sticky and easy to apply (£19.99) 

Uniqlo sweater

A thermal tee from Uniqlo provides a solid wardrobe base when space is at the premium (£24.99) 

eco deodorant

Share nuud’s family pack of eco-deodorants around the whole group for a sweet-smelling moshpit (£30)

fatboy sofa

Add a touch of luxury to your campsite with Fatboy’s lounging sofa (£95) 


You can never take too many socks to a festival; stock up with Mountain Warehouse’s sturdy multipacks (£9.99) 

Bershka denim jacket

The bright pink of Bershka’s denim jacket delivers party and practicality all in one (£35.99) 

Pacmat picnic blanket

When you need to take a breather on damp ground, the waterproof layer of Pacmat’s picnic blanket will keep you dry (£34.99) 


A fun Regatta-patterned tent will be easier to spot amidst the crowd (£45) 

 tasselled fringe jacket from Urban Outfitters (£110)

Embrace your 1960s hippy with a tasselled fringe jacket from Urban Outfitters (£110) 


Keep valuables spread around in case of disaster; this Estella Bartlett purse is the perfect size for a debit card and some cash (£18) 

Sparkly dress

River Island’s sequin dress is perfect for festivals, and will have a great life afterwards as a night-out party dress (£40) 

head torch

Don’t get caught out on a late-night trip to the portaloo; a Wilko headband torch will spare you any awkward missteps… (£5.50) 

holland and barrett oil

If the toilets are indeed proving a little too much, a small dab of Holland & Barrett’s lemon and eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief will provide a nice-smelling distraction (£6) 

sports bra

Mountain Warehouse’s anti-chafing sports bra is comfy enough for a full weekend, but stylish enough to be worn as a top in a heatwave (£19.99) 

Bodyglide’s anti-chafe balm

Bodyglide’s anti-chafe balm will also help to ward off any uncomfortably sticky skin (£9.99) 

walking boots

For the bigger festivals, waterproof walking boots may well be a sensible alternative to wellies (£86) 

UV pen

In case any valuables go missing, mark them beforehand with a UV pen for easier identification and retrieval (£6) 

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