5 subtle changes for healthy hair

Sponsored Content 15 April 2019

When looking to care for your hair it is important to remember that not every cause of hair loss can be fixed with a simple change. Some hair loss is hereditary and requires either medication or another form of surgery to help reverse the effects. However, with a number of hair transplant in Turkey reviews, there is an abundance of information to help you to make an informed decision about such a procedure. On the other hand, if you feel your hair loss is not quite this substantial then we have five subtle tips to help you get the healthy hair you always dreamed of. 

  1. Massage 

One of the subtle changes that you can make to your everyday routine is a scalp massage. This is beneficial for healthy hair as this increases the blood flow to the scalp and promotes healthy hair. By applying this subtle change once a week you can help to maintain the health of the hair follicle. This, in turn, will help to boost the strength of the hair as well as ensure blood flow to the surface of the scalp. The blood carries valuable nutrients such as iron and B12 which are vital to the overall health of your hair. 

  1. Do Not Twist Your Hair 

By removing heat from your hair care routine you are likely to see healthy hair as a result. Whether you towel dry your hair or leave it to air dry, this can help to maintain the moisture in the hair and prevent breakages. If you have a type of hair that requires you to use heat for drying, make the subtle change of using it on the lowest setting. Although this may take slightly longer to dry the hair you will still be able to dry it quickly. It is important to never twist your hair as this can cause breakages.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle 

By changing your lifestyle and exercising more you can actually have a number of benefits for your hair. The sweat that is generated is actually a benefit to the overall health of your hair as it unclogs the pores and allows for air to get to the hair. This, as well as plenty of water, can help to carry well-needed nutrients around the body and promote hair growth. It is also important to care for your hair by reducing the amount of damage that you inflict to it. By tying your hair up when you sleep either in a bun or a ponytail this is the ideal way to limit the amount of damage and protect it. Stress induced hair loss is also becoming more common so try focusing on activities that reduce your stress levels and get plenty of sleep.

  1. Diet Changes

In addition to the healthy lifestyle, it is also important to implement dietary changes that are needed to keep your hair healthy as well as boost your overall immune system. If you find yourself in need for some all-important vitamins such as vitamin D then it is important to make dietary changes in order to accommodate. This will help you to gain healthy hair as this is needed to encourage growth and prevent breakages in the long term. Water is your best friend when looking to grow your hair as this helps to flush the boy of unneeded toxins and promote healthy blood flow and weight loss. This will also prevent dehydration and side effects such as headaches which are just some of the additional benefits.

  1. Deep Conditioning 

In addition to all these dietary changes, it is important to never forget to condition your hair. By conditioning just the lengths of the hair this can help to restore the hairs natural shine and overall health. This section of the hair is commonly the one that is affected most by the elements and well as general wear and tear, therefore it is highly important that it is cared for in order to prevent breakage and keep the overall style and health look as uniform as possible. 

So whether you choose some or all of the above changes to implement within your everyday routine, you are sure to find some benefits that will deliver amazing results. What will you choose first?

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