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5 Special watches from Nordgreen

5 Special watches from Nordgreen

Some standout watches from Danish watchmakers Nordgreen

Nordgreen UK is a Danish brand specialising in an aesthetically pleasing and functional collection of designer timepieces. The brand represents a collection that embraces its simple purpose and aesthetic appeal, and a deep-rooted responsibility to give back.

It is combined from two words—"Nord” and “Green”. The "Nord" is characteristic of our Nordic identity. The "Green" embodies our commitment to our environment.

The collection reflects their ability to adapt to your busy routine, and to be as versatile as you need your accessories to be.

Nordgreen watch collection

Specially selected by Nordgreen UK for Reader's digest: 

1. The Most Loved Watch for Him: Pioneer

White Dial | Gun Metal Case | Brown Leather Strap: 

Pioneer watch

You can go for a classy, minimalist look with the pioneer watch, coming in three colours, with a variety of interchangeable straps made of different materials. The watch is fitted with resistant sapphire glass for a timeless aesthetic. 

2. The Most Loved Watch for Her: Unika

Brushed Metal Dial | Silver Case | 5-Link Strap Two-Toned: 

Unika watch

Playfully sleek yet sophisticated in design, this is a watch face that stands out, with an undeviating silver finish and different straps to underscore its unique look.

3. The All-Time Favourite: Native

White Dial | Gold Case | Brown Leather Strap:

Native watch

The native dial watch harkens back to a more traditional look and feel, familiar, yet modern—you can choose from gold, rose gold, or silver to fully suit your style and preference.

4. The Perfect Gift Set: Philosopher 

White Dial | Silver | Strap Bundle: Brown Leather/ Black Leather/ Silver Mesh: 

Philosopher watch

This watch expertly combines a classic and modern aesthetic and with a variety of straps—truly transforms to fit different styles. Its adaptability allows it to make for a great gift to suit anyone’s tastes.

5. The Watch for a Lifetime: Guardian

White Dial | Silver | H-Link Strap | Premium Automatic Movement:

guardian watch portrait

Made to last a lifetime, the Guardian watch immediately makes an impression, with a brushed metal finish and sapphire glass for the watch face—it looks as premium as it feels. Its design speaks to precision, quality and durability, envisioned to be long-lasting and to keep up with an active lifestyle. 

Order today for an amazing gift for you or your loved ones!


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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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