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5 Of the best cruelty-free hair care brands

5 Of the best cruelty-free hair care brands

As more and more people become aware of their ethical choices, from diets to sustainable clothing, beauty brands are also being held to higher standards. Despite best intentions, going cruelty-free with your cosmetics can be harder than you think. To help in your quest for more ethical hair care, we’ve included five of our favourite cruelty-free brands.

Paul Mitchell

cruelty free hair care

A household name here in the UK, the Paul Mitchell brand and salons were one of the first to pioneer cruelty-free hair care and beauty when they launched in the US in 1980.

Founded on a manifesto of sustainability, they made the decision to stop selling in China when animal testing became a mandate, and regularly support causes such as Reforest'Action and Waterkeeper Alliance to offset the impact of any damage caused by their production facility.

Their latest launch for summer 2017 is ‘Neon’, a sugared cleanse, wash, spray and twist range suitable for all hair types looking to get a textured look.


Manic Panic

cruelty free hair care

Looking to brighten things up this summer? Manic Panic’s extensive range of cruelty-free and vegan hair dyes boasts all the colours of the rainbow, as well as novelty UV and Glitter effects.

Initially founded in NYC, their range has found popularity in alternative salons across the UK including Glasgow’s BLOW and Bristol’s ZED hair.

Ideal for a festival or a fun summer holiday look, try out their semi-permanent dyes in a pastel pink or electric red, perfect for spicing up any outfit and still leaving your locks in soft, healthy condition even after the colour has washed out.


Faith in Nature

cruelty free hair care

Offering an award-winning range of cruelty-free hair, shower, skin and even pet care products, Faith In Nature are a brand worth adding to your online shopping list.

Born in founder Rivka Rose’s kitchen over 40 years ago, they’ve grown exponentially since her first experiments with organic seaweed shampoo, integrating an abundance of natural ingredients into their delicious smelling items packaged in full biodegradable bottles.

Whether it’s coconut conditioner or rose repair, there is a fruity scent for all tastes, free from all artificial colours and parabens. We love both the watermelon shampoo and the chocolate conditioner, available to buy online in standard sizes and whopping 5-litre vessels—you’ll never run out again!


Josh Wood for M&S

cruelty free hair care

Having made his name as "the Guardian of Colour", Josh Wood has become something of a saviour brand for those looking to maintain their natural colour and texture when the effects of ageing come in.

With his own ethical range now stocked in Marks and Spencers, it’s become more accessible than ever. Available in seven different shades, we love the signature Blending Wands; a unique non-permanent brush dye that sweeps away any grey regrowth or exposed roots.

Made in an eco-factory and free from animal testing, the products are quick to use and look chic and stylish on any bathroom shelf.


Alchemy Oils

cruelty free hair care

Founded on ancient Ayurvedic hair oiling practices from India, Alchemy Oils firmly believe that artificial = unhealthy. Registered with PETA and the Vegan Society, their products work well on afro hair and for beard care, two often neglected hair types.

Made from coconut, avocado, almond, castor and grapefruit oils, their grapefruit hair oil is a must for anybody who suffers from dandruff or a dry scalp. Even better, it contains absolutely nothing but those five ingredients, making it ideal for those with sensitivity issues to use as a styling or deep treatment product. 


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