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5 Hacks to save you big on beauty

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5 Hacks to save you big on beauty
Does the thought of buying new cosmetics fill you with dread? Spending hundreds of pounds on your beauty regime is a thing of the past. Buh-bye huge bills, hello budget buys!   
I’m Izzy from MoneyMagpie.com, and this is my monthly money column for Reader’s Digest. This month, I’ll be discussing some of my top beauty hacks to help you get more for less. When it comes to makeup, skincare, hair products and making yourself feel your best, here’s how to save yourself some serious cash
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1. Scrimp, scrape and save 

I’m sure many of you do this already, but one thing that will save you money and extend the lifespan of your products is cutting them open and really getting in there. There have been countless times I have “run out” of a beauty product, only to cut the tube in half and find I have another two-weeks’ worth left in there.  
This, of course, is easier with tubes – they’re easier to cut to get to the remaining product. But don’t be shy when it comes to pumps and bottles – use the utensils you have at your disposal to get your money’s worth.   
According to Arnaud Plas, co-founder and CEO of clean beauty company Prose, an estimated 20 to 40 per cent of beauty products end up as waste. So, make sure to use up every scrap of something. You paid for it, after all! 

2. Take part in ‘Project Pan’ 

‘Project Pan’ is a craze that swept the internet a few years ago but is something I still try to do. Essentially, it is when you make it your mission to use the entirety of a product before buying a new one.  
A ‘pan’ is the metal casing in which many makeup products are pressed into. You know when you’re using a bronzer or eyeshadow, and the silver plate it sits on starts to peak out where you’ve used all the product? That’s the pan.  
This will save you serious money, especially if you buy duplicates of a product. I went through a phase where I was truly obsessed with buying makeup. I ended up with about 10 blushes, too many highlighters to count, well over 30 eyeshadow palettes and that’s not the half of it.   
I began project pan, determined to use up what I have before buying more – and I’ve saved more than just a few pennies, I’ll tell you that much. Give it a go! Not only does it save you major bread, but it’s quite fun – a sort of mission. You also save money because you ask yourself; “Do I really need this?”. 
There are some items you should not use past the expiry dates – mascaras for example. But some things last longer than they claim to, and really do you no harm. They may just dry out a little. 
Image of a make-up pallete of eyeshadows and a pot full of make-up brushes

3. Put new life into your makeup 

My absolute fave brow product is an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade. I’ve been using the same item for 7 years now. I get it – £19 is quite a chunk for 4 grams of product, but I’ve only ever bought three in my life. They last forever, seriously.   
But the thing is, it dries out from time to time. Do I chuck it and get a new one? No way. I just add a few drops of my face oil to it and bam, she’s back in business. Don’t bin stuff before you’ve had a chance to give it new life!  
Dry mascara? Put it in a glass of lukewarm water for a few minutes or blow a hairdryer over it for a minute or so. It’ll cause the mascara to melt just a little, renewing it instantly.  
I will admit I’ve dropped products before, causing them to smash completely. Luckily, most of the time they are closed, containing the mess before I lose too much product. But it’s a pain and it’s tempting to just bin it. However, with some rubbing alcohol, paper towels and makeup remover, in this article, Masterclass teaches you to how repair a broken powder product. 

4. Utilise discounts 

We can be guilty of just buying things at face value. Many of us (me included!) often don’t think to find discounts before purchasing an item. But there are deals to be found, discounts to be grabbed!  
Browser extensions such as Honey automatically find any available discount codes, apply them to your cart and save you money. Karma is a similar browser extension. It automatically finds coupons from across the web, plus you can save items and get alerted of any price changes. Mino (formerly Minty) is also a great tool for this.  
If you do want to go to a salon and get a treatment, try looking on Wowcher or Groupon first. Many businesses also do exclusive discounts when you book through websites like Treatwell and Booksy. 
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5. Don’t buy it, DIY it 

Beauty booking app Pamperbook found that on average, their clients were spending a staggering amount on beauty treatments every month. That’s £150-£160 for nails, £150-£300 on hair appointments, an eye-watering £400-£500 on aesthetics and on top of that, £200-£250 per month on other beauty treatments.  
Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t treat ourselves from time to time. There’s nothing better than getting pampered and feeling glam. Just a few weeks ago I splashed out on a cut and colour – after a year of DIY haircuts, colours and even a bleaching incident (but we don’t talk about that one), I decided to get it professionally done as it has become such a state.  
There are easy ways to DIY your beauty treatments in between professional appointments, to save you a pretty penny and still leave you feeling as beautiful as you deserve.   
Post-Christmas 2022, I was skint and with New Year’s Eve looming, I wanted to look and feel my best. I couldn’t afford to go and get my lashes done (and quite frankly, resent how much they cost for how little time they tend to last), so investigated doing it myself. I found these Fenshine Cluster Lashes on Amazon and was truly obsessed! 
I’ve also received so many compliments on my nails in the past. My secret? £1 glue-ons from Primark. My flatmate also loves them – she wears them to work and even typing all day, they seldom come off. I’ve worn a pair for about five days before they’ve started to fall off. I also like the look of this bulk pack of 24 different colour press-ons. 
Written by Isobel Lawrance, money content writer at MoneyMagpie 
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