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5 fashion role models for women over 50


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

5 fashion role models for women over 50

Fashion can seem very exclusive, dominated by twenty somethings on restrictive diets having the time of their lives. But off the catwalk, women - and men - over the age of 50 are totally killing it on the red carpet at event after event. In this blog post, we'll take a look at those whose style is worthy of your attention.

1. Diane Keaton, Born 1946

diane keaton
Image via Wiki Commons

Diane may be well over 50, but she's as cool now she was in her heyday. She's well known for her many talents across the film industry, from screenwriting to acting, but we remember her best for her kickass part in First Wives Club. Diane has been described by the Huffington Post as having one of the most iconic wardrobes of any celebrity ever; high praise indeed. She rocks the socks off what the Americans would call a "pantsuit", always looking like the most professional and sexy lady in the room. Go Diane!

2. Michelle Obama, Born 1964

Michelle Obama

How could we mention fashionable older ladies without giving credit to the first lady of the United States? Michelle is known for her active campaigning in giving healthier opportunities to the kids of the USA, but gets a whole lot of attention for her brilliant dress sense too. You'll rarely see Michelle stepping out in something casual; much more likely she'll be rocking a stunning ball gown or breathtaking two piece. Designers just fall all over themselves trying to dress Michelle, and she's seen in everything from Michael Kors to Phillip Lim.

3. Helen Mirren, 1945

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is a lady who can make you unafraid of getting older, thanks to her sheer unabashed fashion sense. In terms of individual style, Helen is probably best known for her wacky and super cool hair style choices; she was even the face of L'oreal in 2014. Our favourite of her awesome hair looks was definitely when she dyed it bubblegum pink for the BAFTAs in 2013 - bold move!

4. The Queen of England, Born 1926

Elizabeth Windsor

Is the Queen a style icon? Yes - unquestionably. Can we ever hope to recreate her style? OK, maybe we can't get our hands on the crown jewels anytime soon, but we can all do our best to live up to her example of complete and utter British class! Whether we can dress like her or not, we all look up to Her Majesty's beautiful choice of dresses. 

5: Julianne Moore, Born 1960

julianne moore

Julianne Moore is an inspiration to mature redheads across the globe, as she always looks absolutely stunning. The actress from North Carolina looks particularly good when she's rocking a smoky eye, and steals the red carpet with her leggy dresses - usually black. She seems to love a little black number with a plunging neckline, and looks gorgeous every time. 

There we have it, five fashionistas to look to for inspiration on your look. We hope you've come away with some new ideas for your wardrobe - happy styling!