5 Ethical reasons to prefer vegan handbags over classic leather

Do you ever stop to look at leather handbags and wonder, 'is this right?' You're not alone.

In fact, with current fashions being what they are, you certainly are not in the minority!

Leather and its production has come under increasing pressure over the years, with many conscientious objectors citing a misuse and abuse of animals, unsustainable practices, and harmful chemicals. More and more people are turning away from leather in search for a better, cleaner and more sustainable option.

We all love to pamper ourselves, and when it comes to buying a new handbag, nothing but the best will do. But there's no alternative that's quite as rich, fashionable, and durable as leather. Right?


Authenticity doesn't mean you need to wear dead animals, and cruelty-free vegan 'leather' products can prove it. Here are five ethical reasons why it’s better to buy cruelty-free vegan handbags over the classic leather varieties.

Cruelty-Free handbags vs leather handbags - The choice is clear

Apart from looking just plain fabulous, cruelty-free and vegan handbags are absolutely the next must-have in your closet. Check out some of the most convincing and ethical reasons below.

Cruelty-Free handbags protect our four-legged friends

According to researchers, there are at least five different types of animals harvested for use in the leather industry.

65% of leather production stems from cows, 15% is a byproduct of sheep, 11% comes from hogs and pigs, while 9% is harvested from goats. Other animals make up less than 0.2% of the leather industry, which may include cats and dogs.

Millions of animals could be saved each year from the avoidance of leather. Even your small contribution of skipping the purchase of a leather handbag could save the life of a helpless four legged friend.

Cruelty-Free handbags are sustainable over time

Rather than slaughtering millions upon millions of cows each year, cruelty-free handbags can be manufactured with limited materials in a sustainable way.

Traditional leather handbags release thousands of micro-pollutants into our atmosphere, several of which are extremely carcinogenic. What's worse, these poisons trickle their way into our waterways, soils, and atmosphere on a daily basis. Choosing to reject leather for a cruelty-free and vegan substitute is not only moral, but very sustainable too. Mother Earth will thank you!

Cruelty-Free handbags reduce emissions

Let's take a journey through common sense. If leather comes from cows, and cows create emissions, what does the purchase of leather handbags really do to our planet?

Here's a hint: it's not great.

Cow emissions and waste has reached an all time high, pushing methane into the atmosphere and punching holes in our precious ozone layer. With cows serving as 65% of the global leather source, each pair of leather shoes, leather earrings, and even a tiny bracelet could be contributing to a much larger issue.

Not only are cruelty-free and vegan handbags completely cow free, but they protect the planet by pushing down emissions and reducing the need for large cow herds. It's a win-win!

Cruelty-Free handbags eliminate needless suffering

Here are the facts:

  • Over two million dogs and cats are skinned alive for leather every year.
  • Leather does not biodegrade after the application of chemicals, and have poisoned millions of workers.
  • Leather requires animals to be killed, stripped, and even starved in order to produce the best product.

If avoiding leather handbags didn't sound ethical before, it sure does now!

Cruelty-Free handbags are fashionable

Beyond the many ethical, personal, and moral reasons to buy vegan and cruelty-free handbags, faux-leather is just downright gorgeous! Not only does it come in just about any and every color, but its end products are endorsed by hundreds of celebrities and fashion gurus of the twenty first century.

Selena Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and even the Jenner’s have jumped into the industry with open arms. With so many textures, colours, and styles to choose from, vegan handbags far outweigh leather handbags in terms of modern fashion statements.

Leather Vs. Vegan leather: Which to choose?

At the end of the day, the only person who can make a definitive decision between leather and its cruelty-free counterpart is you. By taking a stand against unethical and harmful leather practices, you can truly make an enormous impact on the earth, on animal welfare, and in your local shopping centre. Choose to invest in cruelty-free and vegan handbag options that not only make your soul smile, but your wallet too.

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