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5 Easy to copy autumn nail art looks

5 Easy to copy autumn nail art looks

When it comes to nails, sometimes a simple French tip just won’t do. When funds are tight, beauty treatments can be the first thing to get cut. But why not treat yourself to the salon treatment in the comfort of your own home? With a huge array of high-finish designs and treatments available on the high-street, you can get impressive results on your own without breaking the bank

Soft pastels

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Perfect for adding a touch of sass to a simple outfit of comfy jumper and jeans, this soft pastel finish is the easiest of all the looks.

Stick to the same brand and choose three colours next to each other in the range to create the desired ombre effect—Nails Inc shades ‘Porchester Square’, ‘Windsor Mews’ and ‘Floral Street’ complement each other perfectly. ‘Windsor Mews’ is a particular treat – infused with kale, it promises to strengthen nails as it dries.

Finish the look with a touch of glitter–a sparse coat of ‘Rise And Grind’ on the ring finger adds a touch of glamour.


Candy corn novelty



A kitschy look for Halloween night, these candy corn nails are a touch of fun perfect for a nail salon session with kids or grandchildren. Rimmel’s 60-second range ensure minimal mess and only require one coat—stripe on shades "Chin Up Buttercup", "Orangasm" and "Porcelain" with a steady hand or if you’re looking for more precision, use a thin strip of masking tape between layers to keep things exact.


Low maintenance every day



The secret to lasting colour? Healthy nails. If yours are looking a little overworked, treat yourself to some hero brush-on treatments.

Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength is a cosmetic essential for anyone who suffers from soft or brittle nails—one coat later and you’ll have a rigid base to paint with.

We love Essie’s "Angora Cardi" this autumn as it’s dark undertones co-ordinate with most darker shades—leave 10 minutes between coats to ensure an even pigmentation.

Finish off with Rimmel’s 3D Plumping top coat to get a gel-look without the price tag.


Autumn leaves



Deep yellow, chocolate and forest green—has there ever been a more perfect palette of autumn shades? Barry M stock a fantastic selection in their Gelly High Shine range—"Mustard", "Black Pistachio" and "Black Cherry" are almost good enough to eat.

While a professional nail artist might be able to achieve the autumn leaves freehand, we recommend the help of nail stickers. Simple to apply and available in a huge array of styles and patterns, simply pop some on the ring finger or go all-out across all ten digits.


Witchy glamour


An apple, Snow White? This nail look is a wonderful finishing touch to any Halloween costume. For this look, you’ll need four Maybelline shades—"High Heel", "Made In Maddiso", "Lover" and a final matte top coat. Apply from lightest shade to darkest, use a stipple brush while the varnish is tacky to gently blend each colour into the next. It does require a bit of patience, but the high-fashion finish you can achieve will be well worth the effort.


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