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5 Beauty habits to carry into autumn

5 Beauty habits to carry into autumn

Autumn doesn't have to be a period of winding down your beauty regime. Here are some brilliant ways to shine through the cosier months

Summer beauty is an industry more lucrative than any other season. In order to ‘"prepare" ourselves for bikini season, parties and extra skin exposure, many of us take our grooming regime especially seriously in these months.

When Autumn rolls around, the temptation to hide away in a turtle neck and ditch the four-step nightly cleansing programme is palpable. We all have busy lives, but by keeping some of summer’s tips and tricks in your arsenal, you can maintain healthy, well-hydrated skin all year round, with minimal effort needed.


Stay shielded


SPF is for life, not just for summer. Even when the temperatures drop, autumn and winter sun can still transmit harmful rays, which can be minimised by a good facial SPF. For those with sensitive skin, look for a product that has a gel formula rather than a cream—Glossier’s Invisible Shield applies easily with minimal residue, full of anti-oxidants and with a gentle, sweet orange scent. Apply before make-up each morning and reap the long-term benefits. 


Dewy skincare

nyx bare with me.jpg

When the heat is high, many of us ditch our foundation in favour of a lighter base that allows freckles and so-called imperfections to shine through. Channel this energy into Autumn by swapping your matte formula for a tinted BB cream that will help prolong any lingering summer tan. NYX’s Skin Veil range consists of 12 shades that promise up to eight hours of hydration. Most importantly, it’s formulation allows the pores to breathe, minimising the chance of acne breakouts.  


Exfoliate well

pmd clean.jpg

Fake tanning, circulation boosting, cellulite-taming… all reasons to prioritise exfolitation in summer. Keep up the good work this autumn by getting electrical—exfoliation wands are set to be big news this Christmas gifting season, and PMD Clean model is leading the charge. Lightweight and stylish, the gently oscillating vibration of their silicon head breaks down any pore impurities without the need for an extensive regime. Simply apply your favourite cleanser, and you’re in minutes—an easy routine to incorporate alongside toothbrushing or showering thanks to it’s waterproof casing. 


Groom without mishaps

flamingo shaving.jpg

Whatever you decide to do with your body hair, if you are in the market for a new grooming regime, there are far better long-term investments than a swift disposable razor around the bikini line before hitting the beach. Flamingo is a cruelty free company looking to minimise single-use waste, with ergonomic razors and wax strips designed to cope with the contours of the female body. 

Before shaving, be sure to apply a generous layer of lotion or foam, and work slowly in a consistent direction, taking care not to apply too much pressure. Finish with a thick cream moisturiser and allow to sink in overnight to banish the worst of the Autumn dryness. 


Stay Hydrated

bellabeat water bottle.jpg

Last but not least, there is no beauty tip simpler than making sure you get your requisite water intake per day. Well-hydrated skin maintains it’s elasticity and aids digestion, helping with any diet-related acne (or over-indulgence at the back-to-work party). 

It can be tricky to remember to consume the right amount, but investing in a smart water bottle can be the answer. Not only is it eco-friendly, but Bellabeat’s Spring Bottle syncs with a smartphone to calculate the optimal amount of water you should be consuming based on your activity level, age, height, weight and the weather, proffering gentle reminders to get sipping. Best of all, the bottle is completely airtight and dishwasher safe, slipping easily into your daily routine. 

Lauren Woolnough at Pure Optical adds, ‘The cooler months are inevitably drying to the skin and eyes.  Dry eyes can lead to infections, inflammation and even abrasion.  Drinking water combats dryness and aids in warning off cold and flu’

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