5 Autumn/winter hairstyles to try

Jenessa Williams

Despite best intentions, autumn/winter can be a difficult season to maintain a demanding hair styling routine.

Here are five of the season’s most covetable looks, minimum effort required.

Images via Pop Sugar, NY Mag

As the media industry grows (thankfully) more diverse, more women than ever are receiving the message that we should all be proud of our natural locks, no matter how big or bountiful.

The key is to stop fighting for perfection and let your locks breathe—an overabundance of product or heat straightening can weight your hair follicles down or damage them permanently, making them appear dull and lifeless.

For afro hair or those with a tight curl pattern, be wary of overwashing. Once a week should be plenty to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Loosely twist hair at night under a silk scarf to avoid breakage, and opt for regular trims—soft, rounded layers can help avoid the "triangulated" look that some women with voluminous hair struggle with.

1. Au Naturale
Au Naturale