4 Steps to perfect hair and nails

These four secrets will keep your hair and nails healthy and strong as well as looking fabulous.

1. Fight dandruff with mouthwash

mouthwash hair

Yes, that antiseptic mouthwash in your bathroom cupboard is not just for keeping your gums in good order and your breath smelling sweet. Mouthwash can also work wonders for your hair.

Combine one part mouthwash with nine parts water and apply this mixture to your scalp after shampooing. Leave in place for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Do this regularly and dandruff could soon be a faint memory.


2. Try a mint rinse

Mint for hair

Mouthwash may have solved your dandruff problem, but the antiseptic smell may not be the aroma of choice for your silky locks.

Crush a handful of fresh or dried mint leaves in a bowl, then pour over enough vodka to cover them. Leave for a day—no tasting—then strain.

Now add about ¼ teaspoon of water at a time to the mixture until it becomes cloudy. Apply to the scalp after shampooing and leave it on for at least 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

You should be able to see results by the second use, and if not, you could always drink the stuff!


3. Take biotin for strong nails

strong nails

The secret that vets have long kept under wraps is that biotin (also known as vitamin B7) helps to strengthen horses’ hooves, which are made from the same material as human fingernails—keratin.

A team of Swiss researchers confirmed this by giving a daily biotin supplement to a group of people with brittle nails. After six months, their nails were on average 25 percent stronger and thicker.

Beware though, biotin shouldn’t be taken in large doses. About 250mcg about three times a day should markedly improve the condition of your nails.


4. Freeze-dry your nails

nails in ice bowl

Using a quick-drying nail polish might seem like a good idea, but what you won’t know is that such products often contain large amounts of alcohol and formaldehyde. This can cause your nails to dry up and split.

Stick with ‘slow’ varieties and try this fast-dry solution: empty a tray of ice cubes into a bowl, add enough cold water to cover, then dip your freshly painted nails in for one to two minutes after applying each coat.