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3 Top Tips for Luscious Lashes

3 Top Tips for Luscious Lashes

At one time, the falling of an eyelash was a sign of good fortune. Nowadays, it's considered a curse. Here are three top tips to ensure you keep those luscious lashes.

How to maintain your lovely lashes

There are numerous medical reasons as to why eyelashes begin to weaken. But it’s also a problem that plagues women who have no health issues to speak of. Our lashes go through a lot of wear and tear. We rub our eyes, lather them in thick mascara, clamp them with eyelash curlers and often forget to remove make-up at the end of the day. No wonder that our delicate lashes have had enough.

The logical answer is to give the area a break from heavy mascaras and stronghold curlers. But for me, mascara is a vital part of my beauty routine. If you’re in a similar predicament there are a number of products that will help to abate the damaging effects of daily wear and tear. 

1. Organic Goodness

The main offender is mascara. Although it makes eyes look pretty, we're essentially plying these sensitive hair follicles with a thick chemical adhesive. One alternative is organic mascara, which, believe it or not, does exist and is just as effective as its chemical laden peers. Organic American brand Physician’s Formula sell a fantastic 100% Organic Lash Boosting black mascara that’s gluten free, hypo allergic and with 70% of its ingredients produced by organic farming methods.

amazon.co.uk, £25.89 



2. Protect with a Primer

If you can’t tear yourself away from your favourite mascara then consider wearing a primer to act as a protective barrier. Clinique’s Lash Building Primer is a white basecoat that really does the trick. When applied it acts like a mascara lifting and lengthening the lashes. You only need apply a small amount of black mascara on top for a full lash look.

clinique.com, £13.00 

Clinique Lash Building Mascara


3. Wipe Away

It’s hard to find an effective make-up remover that gently wipes away mascara. Again, rubbing and scrubbing this sensitive area with a chemical substance cannot do weak eyelashes any good. I would recommend using a botanical or 100% organic make-up remover. Fresh is a cosmetic company that specialises in enhancing the power of natural ingredients. The brand’s Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover is incredibly gentle on the eye and removes even stubborn waterproof mascara with ease. This product is also packed with all kinds of active natural ingredients, such as cucumber, soy protein and mallow, that all serve to sooth and soften the skin. 


Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover

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