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3 Party Proof Products For Your Handbag

3 Party Proof Products For Your Handbag

In the run-up to Christmas, social calendars are fit to burst. As these engagements often go late into the night, it's ideal for the ladies to have beauty products near at hand. Here are 3 great products that will last all night long (and fit in your bag)

1. Bring that Sparkle to Your Eyes

Clarins Eye Perfect Base

To keep eye shadow looking fresher and brighter for longer, I use Clarins’ Instant Eye perfecting base (£22,, a new product from the prestigious company. When applied to the eyelid, it serves as both a concealer and a primer by covering up any visible veins and providing a smooth, evenly toned base.


2. Wow Away Those Roots

Color Wow Root Cover

For those of us who colour our hair, showing roots is a frequent and expensive problem. However, there is a brilliant quick-fix solution: hair make-up. Color Wow (£28.50, is a life-changing product. Acting almost like a foundation, use the brush provided to paint colour onto grey roots. Color Wow comes in several shades and is washed out easily with shampoo.


3. Shine On

Benefit High Beam

Add a touch of shine to your cheekbones with Benefit’s High Beam (£19.50, and Watt’s Up (£24.50, highlighters. High Beam works well under cream or liquid-based foundations. Apply it to your cheek and brow bones before smoothing over your foundation for a little extra sheen. Watt’s Up fits perfectly into your purse for a top up on the go. I love the golden tone of this highlighter and the stick applicator makes it very easy to use.

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